The renowned sports journalist Clay Travis criticized the left for trying to infiltrate the sports world to impose its agenda on fans who just want to watch and enjoy some game.

“I think that there is a knife fight for the ‘woke’ community in the world of sports and they’re constantly policing each other, slicing and dicing each other,” said Travis when he was interviewed by journalist Tomi Lahren on Fox Nation’s “No Interruption” program.

“I think 75% of sports fans just want sports. They want to sit down on their couch … pop open a beer, and they want to escape the serious things in life,” explained the founder of and host of Fox Sports Radio.

He said that spectators of sports events “don’t want to get sucked into Black Lives Matter and social justice warrior slogans on jerseys, and they don’t want to have to worry about who is standing for the anthem.”

Travis, author of “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too,” has long said that liberals are ruining sports by politicizing games that claim to be entertainment.

“It is not ‘the left,’ it is the far left and I think what has happened … many of those sports journalists don’t have the ability to share their opinions. I don’t begrudge anybody of their political opinions if they actually want to say them,” Travis said.

“Instead they use the athletes as mouthpieces and give favorable treatment to people who say far left-wing things while condemning and criticizing someone like Drew Brees who had the audacity to say the reason he stood for the national anthem was to honor both of his grandfathers who fought in World War II,” he explained, assuring that most Americans presumably feel that Brees’s explanation was perfectly acceptable, but extreme-left sports commentators criticized him anyway.

“You would have thought that he came out in favor of ISIS the way he had to backtrack and apologize,” Travis said of the event in June of this year.

Travis commented, “I think it’s stories like those where people are unfairly treated, relative to their opinions, that has really driven a wedge, unfortunately, into sports and what used to be something that unites us.”

In his view, many of the people who politicize sports are not really sympathetic to games and competitions.

“People who buy Colin Kaepernick jerseys don’t sit down on their couches at noon and watch football all the way until midnight on Saturday or Sunday,” he explained, noting that they are “activists” instead.

Travis’s comments are not new, as he has long been questioning the infiltration of the left into the sports world.

“To me, sports gets America right. When we decide to politicize sports, what we are doing is bringing the noxiousness and divisiveness of politics into an arena that doesn’t need it,” he said during an interview in 2018.

“We have allowed sports to become as biased, or more biased than politics,” he lamented.

On the eve of the Nov. 3 elections, Travis published an article on his website,, announcing that he would vote for President Donald Trump.

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