During the final minutes of the Olympic hockey match between Argentina and Spain, five seconds were tributed to a close-shot of the only kind of spectator the organizer cannot exclude for COVID-19 safety, a cockroach. 

It can be difficult for the camera team to decide what they should put on the screen for viewers during a lull between critical moments of the hockey match. As a replay is taking place, it’s not unusual to have some brief shots of the audience. 

But because of the latest COVID-19 outburst in the region where the sports event is hosted, human spectators were not available to fill up the conventional shots. 

Fortunately for one cameraman, he spotted a spectator, a wandering cockroach who did not seem to be paying much attention to whatever was going on between the two rival hockey teams.  

It all happened with Argentina leading 1-0 in the fourth quarter with just over five minutes remaining in the game, which took place on Monday, 26 July.

Then, “Look at what we have here. A cockroach,” exclaimed the game’s commentator.

The cockroach was wandering by, and the camera cut to it just as it turned its head to cue the cameraman to cut back to the on-field action just in time to witness Argentina’s 3-0 victory.

Social media users were quick to embrace the precious moment the insect took all the spotlight. 

“This is a cinematic genius. The way he announces la Cucaracha (the cockroach) and the Cucaracha in question turns around and presents itself. It’s beautiful,” a Twitter user said, according to Says

“I don’t usually say this but I’m very proud of my ex for its appearance at Olympics!!!! What a flex!!” Another exclaimed. 

“Olympic athletes competing at a high level? Not interested. Cockroach waddling? Yes,” one other wrote.

The online attention somehow has prompted the insect to quickly create a Twitter account to join the debate.

Olympic cockroach Twitter account, July 31, 2021 (Screenshot via TheBL/Twitter)

“Yes.. yes… and YES! See how entertaining we can be? Next time remember this when you are about to squish one of my kind,” answered the Olympic cockroach.