A male fighter brutally beat a female opponent in a controversial intergender bout on Oct. 29.

Piotr ‘Mua Boy’ Lisowski knocked out his female competitor Ula Siekacz after taking the heavy beating at the MMA-VIP event, in the Polish city of Czestochowa.

Siekacz believes the match was unfair and might regret her decision to compete.

“I am back alive and we go on,” Siekacz said on Instagram. “I am not going to get slapped by a guy anymore. I consciously took up this fight–that is, I knew what I was [doing].”

She hopes others can help her decide whether to compete again.

“I am waiting for some interesting suggestions and I will continue to develop,” she said. “What does not kill us makes us stronger.”

Images and videos of the fight went viral on the worldwide web, drawing considerable criticism towards event organizers. 

Lisowski can be seen knocking down Siekacz, pouncing on her then delivering multiple violent blows. The referee finally stops the beating two minutes before combat was due to end.

Breitbart revealed these controversial MMA fights are nothing new.

They reportedly began in 2013 after a biological male named Fallon Fox became a transgender woman. Fox fought Erika Newsome and knocked her out by kneeing her in the chin.

Fox separately fought Tamikka Brents, who suffered severe brain injury and broke her orbital bones.

“I have never felt so overpowered in my life, and I am an abnormally strong woman in my own right,” Brents said at the time.

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) slammed MMA for hosting the latest intergender competition.

“IMMAF categorically disagrees with this intentionally scandalous, form of entertainment, which does not represent the sport of MMA or its values and puts women at risk,” IMMAF CEO Densing White said on Twitter. “It is unacceptable that women and men should compete against each other in combat sports, essentially for reasons of safety but also fair play–and we in no way endorse this.”

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