Despite the fact that the NBA has done everything it can to align itself with the “social justice” trend by putting political messages on its T-shirts, supporting the message of the Marxist group Black Lives Matters and even kneeling during the national anthem, its rating continues to drop and is the worst in five years, Breitbart reported.

ABC’s ratings were 23% lower and the overall numbers are 20% lower compared to the season in past years.

The Lakers victory was the least watched opening playoff game in five years on ABC, according to a report by Sports Media Watch.

Although the league blamed the effects of the pandemic on low ratings, Sports Business Daily noted that in the season 2018-2019, clearly before the pandemic, the NBA lost 12 percent of its audience.

The NBA’s ratings were so poor the first week of August that even Fox News programming beat them.

The explanation perhaps can be found in the fact that fans, ordinary Americans, feel that these successful athletes should not underestimate the patriotic symbols of the nation that gave them the opportunity to succeed.

President Trump has also used his Twitter account to make precisely this point.

In early June, Houston Rockets owner Daryl Morey had to delete a tweet saying he supported the demonstrations for democracy in Hong Kong and then apologize.

As a result, some of the league’s sponsors in China canceled their commercial contracts and state television stopped broadcasting NBA programs.

According to a May 12 article on ESPN, since that incident the NBA has not returned to normal in China, which can be translated as a millionaire financial loss. 

The whole incident showed that the messages of social justice that the NBA now wants to show the world, fades away when money is at stake.

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