The 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended on December 18. Lionel Messi led Argentina to defeat defending champions France to win the championship and finally realize his dream of lifting up the World Cup Gold Cup. Fans from all over the world celebrate his glory.

However, amid the cheers, some Chinese netizens say that Messi is Chinese, so winning the championship this time is also the pride of China. Some netizens were shocked by these comments.

A Chinese netizen nicknamed Young-Boy posted on his Weibo early on December 19 to congratulate Messi and the victory. However, the contents of the post caused a stir. 

The post said that Messi’s real name is Mei Jianchuan, from Guanba town, Nanjiang city, Sichuan province, China. His parents and Messi moved to Argentina when he was young. 

Messi suffered from an endocrine disease at 11, almost missing the opportunity to enter the football (soccer) world that would see him become a professional player. Fortunately, he was helped by the Barcelona club to start his career. At the end of the article, this netizen excitedly said: “December 18, 2022, Messi is crowned! Congratulations Messi!!”

However, not only one Chinese netizen thinks that Messi is Chinese. Another netizen also posted on Weibo, asserting that “Messi’s real name is Mei Guohua, from Zhengzhou, Henan. He moved with his parents to Argentina when he was a child, and led his team to win the World Cup Gold Cup. That is the pride of us Chinese.”

Related posts immediately sparked heated discussions among netizens. The Sound of Hope  quoted some netizens:

“The man surnamed Mei is from China’s Argentinian Special Administrative Region?”

“Argentina has been an inseparable sacred part of China since time immemorial.”

“Is he Mei Jianchuan or Mei Guohua in the end? You guys are inconsistent.”

“May I ask, on the path of Messi’s hegemony, what does it have to do with Chinese boys?”

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