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The ability to think rationality and develop science is something uniquely human.

One way or another, the use of rational thinking is inextricable from the experience, which, essentially is the faculty of observation. A person can learn all the information out there in the human world, and be able to describe that information from within the information, however this means that he will always be restricted to the objective boundary which parameterizes his information. In other words, his level of understanding is just there and can go no further because his subjective experience of life is precisely encompassed by that objectivity.

That is to say that even though one may be well acquainted with the fields of genealogy, biology, physics, quantum physics, mathematics, philosophy, etc. one’s metaphysics is unable to go beyond the confines of mankind’s perceptual and conceptual faculties.

So if there were higher or more intuitive medium of experience/observation, it would be possible to transcend these boundaries for the sake of attaining greater degree of understanding.

In high-speed particle collision, we can observe how and what happens in the nuclear fission of a proton, but why it happens, is a mystery.

An illustration of an atom in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Credit: AdobeStock

Similarly, in observing the motion of the planets and galaxies, there is the phenomenon of gravity. With careful observation, we can understand in what form and how gravity exists, but again, the fundamental why, which matters most, remains inscrutable.

The Sun and the planets. Credit: AdobeStock

From the purely physical perspective, all matter has an origin. This means to say that all things are inherently information, giving a lineage that can be traced. A cell is made up of molecules, which in-turn is made up of atoms, electrons, nuclei, quarks and neutrino, etc. Then, from the perspective of understanding things, to truly and fundamentally understand the physical world is to be able to observe the most original matter in its entirety. In other words, the observer would be at the highest level of existence in the cosmic system.

To use a jargon of practitioners of the Dao or the Way, the observer has obtained a state of Enlightenment.

In fact this is the goal of most spiritual disciplines, to elevate their character in alignment to the character of higher levels. This is because when a person’s understanding is able to assimilate to the objective truth of a given level within the universe, he will naturally be able to experience the realm of existence at that level of the universe.

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