A Chinese tech tyrant had rushed to apply for a trademark for its app after Facebook announced a corporate name change last week. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook on Oct. 29 announced that the mother company of its multiple social media platforms had switched to being identified as “META,” a Greek word for “beyond.”

During the same day, Baidu Online Network Technology Beijing Limited Company applied for its MetaApp trademark with the Chinese government, according to RT.

Baidu is known for its search engine which stands only behind the U.S.’s Google for its popularity. Also pursuing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, it further offers cloud services, a digital assistant service, news, advertising, music, and even virtual reality programs.

According to Min News, Baidu’s MetaApp provides website services and scientific instruments among others.

While the application is pending, RT noted there is also another Chinese-based company that goes by the name MetaApp, which focuses on developing mobile games for Google’s Android market.

Although Facebook may not have been a pioneer with the “meta” term, its new name was adopted as the tech giant was trying to reform itself after a series of scandals. 

Just as last month, an ex-employee of the company stepped out and accused Facebook of pursuing profits and neglected attention to moral principles. The U.S. Senates had also paid close scrutiny of its handling of user privacy also in recent times.

Proving its effort to change, Facebook on Tuesday, Nov. 2 had announced the removal of the Facial Recognition system on its social media platforms The technology offered indisputable benefits, yet, also proved a perfect tool for authoritarian countries to facilitate its human rights abuse.

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