Charles Miller, president and owner of NexGen Space LLC, believes the success of the space race between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is vital because it will determine whether “freedom and respect for the individual or oppression and repression” will prevail for humanity.

Miller is an adviser to NASA, and analyzes the importance of space for humanity as a source for resources, and he believes that whoever dominates space will control the Earth and with it the culture and values of the planet, according to the interview conducted by Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, in his “Newt’s World” podcast on July 5.

“The future of humanity is in doubt, we’re right now at this crossroads where we’re either going to have a future of humanity full of freedom and justice, and respect for the individual rights or it’s going to be a future dominated by tyranny,” said Miller alluding to what the United States or the CCP would bring, depending on which country wins the space race.

The progress made by the NASA-SpaceX partnership in sending a manned mission into space on May 30 is evidence of the private sector’s momentum in the space race.

After nearly a decade, the United States has again demonstrated its power in the field of exploration that would lead to establishing bases on the moon and eventually colonizing other planets, but the CCP is also investing heavily toward the same goals.

Gingrich points out that the CCP gains an undue advantage by spying on and stealing technology from the United States and Russia, making it a threat that must be addressed if it is not to become a nightmare.

Indeed, the charges of espionage and theft of intellectual property that both the United States and the European Union are bringing against the CCP are numerous.

The CCP is ranked by the FBI as the greatest threat to the U.S. economy and its democratic principles, according to Fox News on 24 June.

FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed that his agency is investigating more than 2,000 cases involving the CCP.

The European Union notes that the CCP remains the worst violator of intellectual property rights, causing the loss of thousands of jobs and billions of euros in revenue, according to the Financial Times on June 17.

Reiterating the importance of lunar exploration, for Miller the resources obtained from the moon would be decisive in order to later opt for trips to Mars, and it is precisely from the location on our satellite that the task would be made much easier.

In the conquest of space, communications also become a key point, which is why the importance of the investment being made in communications satellites, a field in which it also rivals the CCP, Miller also stressed. 

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