Sumer’s city Eridu was first inhabited in 5400 BC in the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq). It is the earliest civilization known on Earth, it was also an inexplicably advanced civilization. The Sumerians invented the wheel, the plow, writing, the modern calendar, irrigation system, sailboats, the counting system, etc.

Despite Sumerian contributions playing an important role in the current civilization, few knows about it. It is not unusual that in the unearthing of ancient relics and inventions, the old wisdom and science found are usually discarded. And they are labeled as ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘superstition’ when they are incompatible with our current frameworks of modern science. Such as to how ancient Sumerians were able to observe and depict the solar system over 6000 years ago, accurate down to the sizes of the planets and their correct orbit.

Was the telescope invented much earlier in time than we thought? Were the Sumerians told about it by higher forms of intelligence? Perhaps the answer can be found in 20,000 year-old Sumerian tablets translated by archaeologist, Zecharia Sitchin.

Translation of the tablets:

Planet Nine follows far out orbits and enters deep into the solar system every 3,600. We can observe it when it comes close, but when it doesn’t, the planet becomes one with the dark expanse of space. On the 4th of October, 2017, Nasa released an article called ‘The Super Earth that Came Home for Dinner.’ The article includes 5 different lines of observational evidence pointing to existence of a Planet Nine. With it, the mathematical lines that determines and predicts the orbits of celestial bodies within the solar system is precise. Without it, there are many problems.

The Sumerians knew about Planet Nine, they referred to it as ‘Nibiru’. The inhabitants of Nibiru are the ‘Anunnaki’, an alien species resembling man, but is bigger in size and can live for thousands of years. Planet Nibiru was facing a crisis, their ozone layer was damaged, and iron oxide has made their lakes and river become red. The Anunnaki were in search of gold, in particular, gold nanoparticles, to repair Nibiru’s ozone. Gold is now known to protect against the Sun’s radiation and has in-fact been used in foil-form by Nasa to shield their space stations.

In one of the 3,600 years intervals when Nibiru enters the solar system. The Anunnaki had decided to look for gold on Earth and they had brought with them slaves called the Igigi. Their leader Enki set up a mining settlement in the Persian gulf and called it Eridug -‘Earth Station 1’. This account is also consistent with Babylonian tablets from the 18th century BC, “when the gods, man-like, bore the labor, carried the load, the gods’ load was great, the toil grievous, the trouble excessive. The great Anunnaki… made the Igigi undertake the toil.”

When the Igigi rebelled against their masters, they were slain to extinction. Without slaves to mine gold, Nibiru’s ruler, Anu, ordered his son Enki to genetically engineer a new slave race, one that was intelligent enough to perform complex task but was subservient to the Anunnaki.

Enki, god of wisdom and Earth, is believed by Sumer to have created Man out of clay

Enki made a genetic hybrid between the Homo Erectus and the Anunnaki and called his creation ‘Homo sapiens’, or the Adamu (man in Hebrew). The Anunnaki were giants compared to man, so man worshiped Anunnaki as their gods. The Anunnaki taught man the art of social skills, academics and technology. And later, when there was a shortage of slaves, gave man the ability to reproduce. This led to overpopulation which led to man’s banishment from the city, thus the story of man’s banishment from the Garden of Eden.

As life continued, some Anunnaki bred with humans, making the Nephili -‘the giants of old’. But these practice of mixing blood enraged many Anunnaki, among whom was Enlil, Enki’s brother and Anunnaki’s new ruler. Enlil also saw that human population could no longer be contained, and that something had to happen.

According to an ancient gospel in Scotland, “Men forgot the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it shall return at the appointed time… The Destroyed… its color, bright and fierce and ever-changing, (was) an unstable appearance… A fierce body of flames.” The Destroyer here refers to planet Nibiru. The tablets says that the Anunnaki’s home planet has a destructive effect on Earth, and it did. As Nibiru’s orbit near Earth, Earth’s magnetic field faltered, the temperatures rose and the ice caps began melting. The Great Flood was impending.

“For days before the Day of the Deluge, the Earth was rumbling, groaning as if with pain; For nights before the calamity struck, in the Heavens, Nibiru as a glowing star was seen.”

Enlil saw this disaster as a means to rid of unworthy humans. He, with many others returned to Nibiru, but many Anunnaki would choose to stay to witness the calamity from celestial boats that circled Earth.

Nibiru’s gravitational force dislocated immense ice sheets in the South Pole and felled them into the ocean. “Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed. The Earth began to shake by a force -before unknown… It was agitated. In the glow of dawn a black cloud arose from the horizon. The morning light turned to darkness. Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed. And lightning lit the skies… On that day, on that unforgettable day. The deluge with a roar, began.”

Tidal waves submerged the city of Eden and all of Earth. All had seemed lost for man. But Enki’s heart was moved to protect his creation, so he instructed Ziusudra (Noah), to construct an ark that would survive the deluge.

The tidal waves swept the Earth for 7 days and heavy rained stormed on for 40 more days until it ended. Credit:

Then the Anunnaki came back and built structures according to the position of the stars, like the pyramids. Then, having mined enough gold to fix their home planet’s ozone, the Anunnaki left Earth. They also left behind their way of life to the Sumerians -wisdom of life and the universe. With this knowledge, the Sumerians became the most advanced civilization on Earth at that time.

The tablets also indicate a time when Nibiru would come close to Earth once again, and that the Anunnaki will return to restore rule over a race they created.

Whether the account is factual or not about any of its content is debatable. That being said, this account of man’s origin challenges the doctrines of our current scientific frameworks, so it has become rejected and labeled ‘mythology’. Then, whether the account is factual or not no longer matter, and it becomes no longer debatable, at least not in any serious forums.

This is to say that the current construct of ‘science’ is limiting, or in the very least, it is with omissions.

With enough omissions, science ceases to be ‘scientific’ and lends itself to faith. This means that our scientific products and the social system that we have constructed (sectors, education, technology, etc.) based of science, is at risk of corruption. Yet facing that risk, rather than to revise itself, propagators of science deliberately hides any such omissions. The responsibility then falls upon us as individuals to keep our minds open, and to shed light on the omissions of modern science for others.

As did Stan Deyo, ex-FBI agent with Above Top Secret Security Clearance who said in an interview,

“In the Pentagon, in the military circles that are in-the-know about the cover-up here, they, in whisper tones talk about the return of the Sumerian gods, and they’re talking about what we would call aliens or fallen angels returning into the Middle East, in the old Sumer area-”

“The Anunnaki?”, the interviewer interjected.

“It could be,” replied Stan.

By Gray L.

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