Using artificial intelligence technology to determine party members’ loyalty

According to Hong Kong’s Mingbao, on July 1 this year, an official artificial intelligence research institute in Hefei City, Anhui province, announced that they could use artificial intelligence technology to assess whether CCP members pay attention to ideological education. For example, it can determine whether Party members are “thankful to the Party, listen to the Party, and follow the Party” or not.

This news caused an uproar, with some netizens denouncing this method as “technological brainwashing” with many people leaving comments: “Let Xi Jinping try first.”

Mingbao said that the WeChat public account of the “Hefei National Science Center Artificial Intelligence Research Institute” posted an introductory video titled “Artificial intelligence helps build the Party! The unit in Anhui developed this device!”

The short video by the Institute, which produced the results of scientific research, was about 2 minutes and 12 seconds long, saying that the institution has integrated artificial intelligence technology into the Party’s organizational life. For example, artificial intelligence technology can evaluate the learning effect of Party ideology courses. The image in the video shows the program in the device called “Wisdom Political Thought.” First, the testee must sit in front of the screen to accept the test on the computer. Then the screen displays the test score and the analysis chart.

According to the short video, the device can use artificial intelligence technology to extract biological characteristics of party members, including facial features, brain wave characteristics, electro-skin characteristics, etc. Then, after synchronous integration, it can assess party members’ concentration, awareness, and understanding when receiving ideological and political education. From there, it is clear to understand the level and effects of political and ideological education to guide “party members to strengthen their faith and determination to thank the party, obey the party and follow the party.”

The video also says the Institute will continue to “celebrate the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party with excellent scientific research results”.

Content about research posted on WeChat removed

Mingbao said that from the data stored on the Internet, the short video and text image was posted on the public account “Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of National Science Center Hefei” on WeChat on April 1. The official version of the publisher confirmed by WeChat is “Hefei National Science Center Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. Currently, when opening the original link, WeChat has marked “The publisher has deleted this content.” According to public information, this scientific research facility is a public institution in Anhui province, established based on the national laboratory mechanism and system, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The University of Science and Technology of China located in Hefei are “support and management units.”

However, the short video and related screen text were widely circulated on social media, causing a stir about the use of artificial intelligence for ideological education surveillance.

The account @PotusChinaDaily commented: “National brainwashing education must start with the party members first.”

Sound of Hope summarized several netizens’ comments: “What if Xi Jinping doesn’t pass this test?” or “The United States developed a lie detector, and the CCP developed a party loyalty tester.”

According to The People, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has repeatedly asked party members to increase their theoretical learning and build loyalty to the Party. In recent years, many officials have been fired. All were charged with “disloyalty to the party,” among their other charges. Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized to the Party, government, and military that it is necessary to be “loyal to the party.”

There is an old Chinese saying: Whatever the superiors love, the lower must definitely love it more. This study by the Hefei Research Institute is precisely to follow the preferences of the top leaders of the CCP.

Some experts have warned that this kind of forced ideological indoctrination could trigger even greater outrage. For example, the Epoch Times quoted Bruce Dickson, a professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University and an expert on China issues. He said that if people were forced to receive ‘brainwashing’ education regularly, not only does it not build loyalty, but it also causes resentment (of party members), so it can easily backfire.

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