A former Apple employee exposed various iPhone tips and tricks that few people know about.

Sabrina Badin, who is also a Canadian tech expert with more than 30,000 followers on TikTok, listed some of her best tips according to the New York Post.

Move numerous apps simultaneously

Moving several apps from the home screen to another screen or into a folder can help better organize your device.

Here is how to do it:

Press and hold one of the apps to make them all wiggle.

Drag the first app away from its original position with one finger without releasing the same finger from the screen.

While maintaining the first finger on the first app, use a second finger to tap the other app icons you also wish to move.

Scan and optically recognize text

Apple’s new system-wide optical character recognition (OCR) function, Live Text, lets users pick and choose text through the device camera.

“Live Text,” was recently released worldwide as part of the new iOS 15 operating system.

Open up your Camera app, select “Photo” mode, and point the camera at the text you wish to scan.

After tapping on the pictured text it appears on the screen, allowing users to copy, select, look up, translate, or share.

iMessage tricks

Type one of the below codewords into iMessage to send a fun animation to someone:

  • “pew pew” – laser light show
  • “Happy Birthday” – balloons
  • “congratulations” – confetti
  • “Happy New Year” – fireworks
  • “Happy Chinese New Year” – red explosion
  • “Selamat” – confetti

The recipient must have an iPhone for the animation to work. If you do not wish to use a codeword, try holding down the blue send button for several seconds. This will show a list of effects that can be applied.

Select, move and delete multiple emails

Quickly select multiple messages without having to tap on each one separately.

To do so, open the message inbox and hold two fingers on the same email to enter edit mode. Use both fingers to simultaneously drag and select multiple messages.

At the bottom of the screen select either delete, mark as read, move to a different folder, and more.

Record videos with background music

Adding an awesome soundtrack to videos is simple. Open the Music app and play whichever sound you want to hear while recording.

Open the Camera app and stay in Photo mode. Hold down the shutter button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording a video. Alternatively, swipe the screen right to enter video mode and then begin recording.

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