The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation entered into agreements with BGI Group, a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and accused by authorities of taking genetic data from Americans through tests that detect the CCP Virus.

Former U.S. intelligence agency officials reported that BGI Group is responsible for “collecting, storing and exploiting biometric information,” The National Pulse reported on March 5. 

BGI Group, the world’s largest genomics company, has collaborated with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on research. It was the first company to clone pigs, several hundred of which have been produced each year since 2014.

It also jointly holds a dozen patents for tests that look for disease-linked genomes with the military university, the PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences, which is the PLA’s main medical research institute.

The Department of Commerce proposed export controls on gene-editing software on the grounds that it could be used to create biological weapons. 

Likewise, a team of technology industry specialists on artificial intelligence (AI) warned in October about China’s financial support for its biotech sector, its advantages in biological data collection, and the PLA’s interest in possible military applications.

The team warned of the risk of adversaries using AI to identify genetic weaknesses in a population and engineering pathogens to exploit them, as well as genetic research allegedly designed to improve the mental or physical strength of soldiers.

For these reasons the team recommended that the government “take a more aggressive public stance on BGI” because of the national security risks involved in PLA manipulating Americans’ genetic data, according to Reuters. 

In its dealings with the Gates foundation, it received funding for projects related to genome sequencing alongside CCP agencies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, The National Pulse reported. 

They have also collaborated on research with the Human Genome Project, sequencing the genomes of many critical plant and animal species including the rice genome, plant and animal genomes, as well as others for rare diseases, the cancer genome, and autism.

Gates has been involved in multiple controversial projects, such as the production of vaccines against the CCP Virus and other diseases, and he has been accused of wanting to “depopulate the Earth.” 

No less scandalous are his relations with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the numerous visits to the island Epstein owned in the Caribbean. 

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