An agency responsible for international public health commended the United States for effectively leading the nation’s response to a deadly Asian disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has applauded the Trump administration’s competent handling of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared President Donald Trump has been “taking responsibility” for the general public.

“I believe that kind of political commitment and political leadership can bring change or can stop this pandemic,” he said at an extraordinary G-20 Leaders’ Summit according to Fox News. “That is exactly what he [President Trump] is doing, which we appreciate because fighting this pandemic needs [a] political commitment.”

Ghebreyesus also encouraged elected leaders from other countries to follow his “whole of government” example and do “whatever it takes” to keep their respective citizens healthy and working. He also urged politicians to take all necessary health measures and provide enough funding to “contain the pandemic and protect people, especially the most vulnerable.”

“Fighting this pandemic needs political commitment and commitment at the highest level possible, and the president’s commitment well, you have already seen it,” he said in a video shared on Twitter. “The world has already seen it and that kind of leadership is very, very important for a whole of government approach.”

Ghebreyesus shared a similar sentiment to the president’s view that the CCP Virus was a “hidden enemy” and called the disease “public enemy number one.” He also cautioned those countries that have not yet cracked down against the virus to act immediately as those measures should have already been in place to avoid thousands more death cases.

“It is a dangerous virus,” he said according to the broadcaster. “We had been saying to the world the window of opportunity is narrowing and the time to act was actually more than a month ago, two months ago.”

The WHO confirmed the world was battling more than 531,800 cases of the CCP Virus and had already suffered more than 24,000 deaths according to the Worldometer website.

“We are at war with a virus that threatens to tear us apart—if we let it,” Tedros said in a statement. “This is a global crisis that requires a global response: fight, unite, [and] ignite.”

The president recently responded to Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plea for assistance from the Trump administration to contain the CCP Virus.

“I am working very hard to help New York City and state, dealing with both mayor and governor, and producing tremendously for them,” he said on Twitter. “[This includes] four new medical centers and four new hospitals. Fake news said  that I will not help them because I do not like [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo (I do), [I] just sent 4,000 ventilators.”