The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday, Jan. 26, voted to repeal the state’s mask mandate imposed by Democrat, Gov.Tony Evers, despite warnings and recommendations from various sectors of the medical community that doing so would undermine efforts to combat the CHP pandemic.

Wisconsin as a whole and several politicians, especially Republicans, repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with Evers’s mandatory use of a mask.

In order to get the governor’s resolution rescinded, both the House and the Senate must pass the resolution to undo the requirement. The Assembly, controlled 58-30 by Republicans, is scheduled to vote on Thursday.

For the time being, the Senate voted to repeal the emergency declaration that allowed Evers to issue the statewide mandatory face mask mandate.

According to The Associated Press (AP), the Assembly also passed a sweeping bill Tuesday to address the problems of the CCP Virus, which could face a veto for the numerous Orwellian measures imposed by Evers. 

The bill would prohibit the closing of churches during the pandemic and would also prohibit employers from requiring workers to be vaccinated against the disease. 

The expanded bill, passed 58-34 by the Assembly with all Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed. It now returns to the Senate, which could vote on it next week. 

Republicans argued that Evers overstepped his authority by issuing multiple controversial emergency declarations during the pandemic, which allowed him to, among other things, extend the cap-and-trade mandate beyond the 60 days allowed by law without getting approval from the Legislature.

“I’m afraid we’ve done everything terribly wrong” when it comes to combating the virus, acknowledged Democratic Sen. Tim Carpenter of Milwaukee, AP reported.

As reported by the National Academy of State Health Policy, 41 states have a mandate on the use of a mask.

While science has confirmed that wearing a face mask does not guarantee to stop the transmission of the virus, advocates repeatedly argue that transmission is more likely when people do not wear them.

A study published by the Heritage Foundation in December 2020, based on data provided by USA Facts, a nonpartisan data compiler used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among other federal agencies, concludes that there may be far more effective interventions to control the spread of the virus than the use of a mask.

Among the interesting data yielded by the study is that the 25 counties with the highest number of officially reported cases of CCP Virus have stringent mask mandates, as do 97 of the top 100 counties.

The discussion on the use of a mask mandate comes at a time when European countries, such as Germany and Austria, are banning the use of cloth masks, the most frequently used, as they offer minimal protection and may even generate counter-effects when people wear them and feel protected when they are not.