A new review of the vote in the state of Wisconsin shows that in another glitch 19, 032 votes will go from Joe Biden back to President Donald Trump once the number is confirmed.

A series of events shows that only President Trump’s votes were redirected to Biden, creating a definite pattern that does not appear to be due to chance, and which for some defines a clear strategy by the Democrats to harm president Trump by misleading Americans.

“This is beginning to appear like a strategy used by the Democrats to steal this election,” suggested the brother of the founder of The Gateway Pundit, author Jim Hoft in a Nov. 9 article

Hoft lists the number of times in different states that “mistakes” were found that passed votes from President Trump to Biden.

Initially, it was discovered that there were 6,000 votes in Wisconsin. Later, on Nov. 8, it was revealed that about 10,000 more votes were passed from President Trump to Biden, in Rock County.

After correcting the figures, the total was 19,032 votes, which when officially accepted will allow President Trump’s count to increase to only 1,508 votes fewer than Joe Biden. 

In addition, about 20,000 more votes were returned to Trump in Pennsylvania because of the same failure. 

Another 6,000 votes in Georgia, were found under similar circumstances.

In Oakland County, Michigan, another error was discovered against the Republican County Commissioner, Adam Kochenderfer, who won his position through the rectification

The claims made by the Republican campaign are even more so, and it is hoped that after the appropriate investigations, Americans will know for sure who will preside over the nation for the next four years. 

The proportions of the damage caused by the irregularities found would be unprecedented in U.S. history.

It is estimated that the results of three or four states have been drastically altered, and could have affected up to 10 states, according to President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani was asked by anchorwoman Maria Bartiromo, “Do you think you have enough to change the fate of the election,” to which he nodded.

Apparently there are about 900,000 at stake, and there are indications of fraud.

“There is strong evidence that in three or four states, maybe 10 elections were stolen,” Giuliani said.

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