While President Trump and his administration are busy with things like dealing with Iran, reaching out to Poland, working to create even more jobs in a record robust economy, exposing massive government fraud in the slums of Baltimore, and still coping with a serious border crisis largely created and continued by the legislative inactivity of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is busy confusing the Ghana Parliament in Western Africa so badly you can almost hear them say, “Why is this white woman from California talking to us about slavery?”

Pelosi said, “Our delegation is deeply moved to be here as you know this marks the 400th anniversary and, as I mentioned, today in Jamestown, Virginia. Jamestown, Virginia that acknowledgment will be made. But we are so excited about being here in The Year of Return. In The Year of Return, we solemnly remember the horrors of that terrible atrocity. What a beautiful gesture of your President Akufo-Addo to declare The Year of Return Campaign.”

Many Americans who pay taxes that supply the speaker with a salary and benefits in the range of $200,000 per year might be wondering why the most powerful woman in America has flown to Africa and uses her valuable time that is supposed to focus on the people’s legislative work to instead conduct some mysterious foreign policy effort that involves paying her respects to the long dead slavery issue that was actually terminated in the United States by President Abraham Lincoln with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Could this be part of some Democratic narrative to demonstrate how much she is not a racist and cares about black people?


Pelosi said, “Our delegation has been humbled by what we have seen this week. At Elmina Castle, we saw the dungeons where thousands were grotesquely tortured. At Cape Coast Castle, we stood before the Door of No Return where countless millions caught their last glimpse of Africa before they were shipped to a life of enslavement.”

In this day and age with so many politicians playing with a full deck of race cards ready to attack anyone who might mess up their little kingdom built by socialism in America and paid for by the U.S. taxpayer, its refreshing to consider the words of a well-respected black author and professor of economics as he shares from his book titled, “Race and Economics” claiming that while slavery is of course a horrible institution, that he and most blacks have actually benefitted from slavery.

Williams, said, And these are leftist professors and one asked me well what do you think about the relationship between capitalism and slavery? I say well I think slavery has existed under every economic system. He says no I want you to think. I want to ask you about what you think about the slavery of your ancestors in slavery, the slavery of your ancestors. So I said slavery is a horrible institution but I have benefited immensely from the suffering and the slavery of my ancestors, enslavement of my ancestors. And the guy was just standing there in shock.”

And Williams said, And so I said well and he asked me to explain myself. I said my wealth and my freedom is higher as a result of being born in United States than any country in Africa. And I asked them how was it that I came to be born in United States? I came to be born United States because of slavery. And so, I have personally but now I’m not saying that slavery is good but I’m saying that I benefited from it and most blacks have benefitted. That is, black Americans and I document this in my book ‘Race and Economics.’ If you just add up the income that black Americans earn each year and thought of us as a nation, we would be the 17th or 18th richest nation on the face of the earth and as a matter of fact, that’s richer than any nation on the continent of Africa.

And then Williams said, “And so you can say the same thing. You can say about, you know, colonialism or the conquest of the Romans when they took over England. The people in England there were barbarians and the Romans they imported navigation skills and they imported the education technology and all that importation of the wisdom of the of the Romans ultimately made Great Britain the mightiest nation in the face of the earth. And it was because of colonialism again I’m not making the argument in favor of colonialism but you can’t deny the historical facts so slavery was a historical fact that whereby I benefited from from it.”

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