A series of videos uploaded to social media by eyewitnesses during Wednesday’s conflicts at the Capitol, clearly show how at a certain moment the police officers opened the metal barricades that were blocking access to the site, and invited the demonstrators to enter. 

On social networks and on various internet sites, videos are circulating about the conflicts experienced on Wednesday, Jan. 6, at the Capitol, where, curiously, one can see that at a certain moment the police move the metal barricades that were serving the function of stopping the tide of people at the entrance to the Capitol, marking the limit to where one could advance. 

After moving the barricades, one can observe how the police make hand movements as if inviting the demonstrators to move forward. Immediately, the crowd began to walk quickly and as they approached the building, they broke down the doors and entered without any further resistance. 

A journalist from a New York media outlet posted on her Twitter account one of the videos that are circulating on the web saying: “This video has been circulating of what appears to be the police opening barricades on the Capitol in Washington DC yesterday”.

Another video shows the image from another perspective with the same clarity.

There are too many questions and not enough answers. But mainly we would like to know why the police opened up the barrier and allowed the protesters in? 

Another unavoidable question is to pretend to understand why, if everyone knew that this was the most important session in the United States in recent decades, knowing that a multitude of people would be gathered outside to protest against the unfair and fraudulent elections, the security was not up to the task.

How could the security system have failed to stop these crowds of people from entering one of the most secure buildings in the world?

After having seen the biggest electoral fraud in history with the complicity of the most important media, and after having seen leftist infiltrators leading the violent conflict in the Capitol disguised as Trump sympathizers, it is not hard to imagine that the issue of security was also orchestrated, precisely to allow the mob to enter with the aim of imposing the idea of an alleged “Trump-organized coup d’état,” as the media now wants to impose.

Some congressmen concerned about what might happen on Jan. 20, the date scheduled for Biden’s inauguration as president at the Capitol, have called for an investigation into the police response after hundreds of people gained access to the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday during the protests.

“I think the Capitol Police really should do a quick review here of what went wrong and what they should do to make sure that none of that happens again,” said Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). “It will be interesting to see what they determine, either through their intelligence information, or if they just don’t realize the threat potential.”