Democrats who responded passively to growing civil unrest about police brutality should crack down on extreme protesters, the president said.

The Trump administration has urged several governors and city mayors to adopt a harder line against violent riots that have spread across the nation after the May 25 death in custody of Minnesota man George Floyd.

The responding police officer was accused of handcuffing and using a knee on the suspect’s throat. After being restrained for several minutes, Floyd reportedly became unresponsive and was later confirmed dead.

“Get tough Democrat Mayors and Governors,” President Donald Trump said on Twitter.

The president slammed New York City’s so-called light touch directive to police as “weak,” saying this is not the time for the Big Apple to take no regulatory action.

“The world is watching and laughing at you and ‘sleepy’ Joe [Biden,]” he said. “Is this what America wants? No.”

Help is available

He believes governors and mayors should not hesitate to request federal assistance to help end street violence, looting of businesses, and assault against law enforcement officers.

“These people [protesting] are anarchists,” he said. “Call in our National Guard now.”

The Oval Office now recommends detaining and holding protesters to account.

“Most of you are weak,” the president said according to Fox News. “You have to arrest people.”

Authorities will need to assert their power and stop letting angry rioters always have their way.

“You have to dominate, if you do not dominate you are wasting your time,” he said. “They are going to run over you, you are going to look like a bunch of jerks.”

The president has been candid in his comments on social media, recently responding to a video of a Dallas man who rioters threw rocks at, kicked and punched him unconscious because he tried to protect a local business. After the attack ended the victim’s twisted body could be seen motionless and sprawled on the street.

“So terrible,” he said on Twitter. “Where are the arrests and long-term jail sentences?”

The Instagram user who uploaded the video defended the rioters actions, saying the victim was carrying a machete and had chased a teenager who was skateboarding and not actually involved in the protest.

“The kid had a huge slash in his hand, under no circumstances does anyone deserve to get beat like this but this is his fault,” Zople said on Instagram. “Do not believe the story of ‘looters attacked innocent white man’ when the Twitter video was cropped to make protesters look bad.”

More than 4,400 protesters have already been arrested across the nation, according to Fox News.