Attorney Sidney Powell joined Pete Santilli on Wednesday, March 10 to address the current election situation in the United States.

Powell told Santilli, “This is the greatest constitutional crisis in the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.” 

Powell thanked Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne, as well as her friend Gen. Michael Flynn, for their hard work and continued generosity.

She also expressed gratitude to the millions of prayer warriors who continue to pray for her while she conducts her investigation.

In response to the Supreme Court’s failure to even discuss the unprecedented 2020 election irregularities, Powell had this to say, “There are all different kinds of corruption. If nothing else it’s morally corrupt, intellectually corrupt and, I don’t know, or unpatriotically corrupt at the very least because this is the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.”

She also said that they did not act in a timely fashion prior to Jan. 6, or review the alleged fraud proof, which no court has ever done. The only court that comes close is one in Antrim County, Michigan, which is encouraging further discovery.

She continued that is precisely what Matt DePerno has shown, the lone wolf who has put his identity, credibility, and everything on the line in order to uncover the facts.

“We have been met by massive, well-funded, coordinated resistance,” Powell added.






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