“We cannot let the socialist left destroy the American dream”: Those were the words of María Elvira Salazar, the recently elected Republican congresswoman. Salazar joins a growing list of elected Republicans who in their first public words warned of the danger of socialism and enthusiastically announced their mission to confront it in Congress.

Salazar, a Republican from Florida, born in Miami to Cuban parents, suffered firsthand the abuses of communism and the “socialist nightmare” created by former dictator Fidel Castro, she denounced in a Twitter post on Friday, Nov. 20. 

“I was born in Miami—a community built by survivors my parents fled Castro’s socialist nightmare. We can’t just let the socialist left destroy the American Dream for our children! Join The Freedom Force & FIGHT BACK today!”

In the same tweet she attached an interview that she gave to NBC News, where she had just addressed these questions and announced the intention to create a conservative front among Republicans, destined to fight against the socialist left and in favor of freedom and democracy. 

During her interview Salazar spoke of what would be the Republican version of The Squad, “I want to create a force within my first year class that will have to be taken into account. A force of reason, a force of freedom, a force of democracy.”

“The Force,” which has been adopted by newcomers like Republicans Nicole Malliotakis from New York and Victoria Spartz from Indiana, seeks to dismantle what it sees as “democratic socialism.”

Salazar is not alone; there are more and more new congressmen who are joining, putting together a front counteracting the forces of the socialist left that have gained strength during the last few years driven by the left wing of the Democratic Party, and more specifically by the members of The Squad.

Malliotakis, who defeated the Democratic Rep. Max Rose in the last vote, was also very interested. So was Byron Donalds, the African American Republican congressman from Florida. The idea of a conservative “squad,” or “Freedom Squad,” as Malliotakis has called it, seems a more than adequate possibility.

Malliotakis, being interviewed on “Fox & Friends,” warned that people, at least in New York City, are tired of the measures the Democrats are taking—giving free rein to leftist extremisms. 

“I can tell you here in NYC, and I assume in cities across America, people were really fed up with the direction the Democrats were trying to take us,” said Malliotakis, who will represent New York’s 11th district.

Malliotakis especially targeted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of The Squad whom she blamed for running the city to the extreme left.

Malliotakis highlighted as something positive that she will be part of the 35 new Republican women who will serve from 2021 in the House, carrying “new and very necessary blood.” In addition, they will be accompanied by a number of minorities, such as immigrants from Korea, Cuba, and Ukraine.

Byron Donalds, in a dialogue with Fox News, spoke about President Trump’s accomplishments over the past four years and the support he achieved from the black and Latino communities, despite the prejudices that the radical left tried to spread about his ideals and his allegedly completely unfounded racism. 

Donalds dedicated used part of his dialogue to criticize the socialist movements and warned about the power of The Squad and Ocasio-Cortez. He also spoke of the importance of generating a Republican counter-group to confront the initiatives of The Squad.

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