Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn joined Pete Santilli on Sunday, March 14, to discuss the results of the 2020 elections.

Flynn served as an intelligence officer for 33 years until President-elect Donald Trump appointed him to the position of national security adviser. Flynn was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency as well as the Department of Defense’s senior military intelligence officer.

On “The Pete Santilli Show,” Santilli asked Flynn commented that one of Trump’s most powerful weapons was Flynn. And he asked if Flynn thought Nov. 3 would have turned out differently if Flynn hadn’t been tampered with and was with President Trump?

“I believe it would have. I believe it would have. …  One of the things that might have happened would I have remained in the White House. The decision for me to step away from the White House is a variety of things and I won’t give all the details of that … I will tell you the information was really, really, it just wasn’t there,” Flynn replied. It was still fairly. And there was a deliberate attempt to get him out of the White House. That it would not have happened otherwise, and he believes it wholeheartedly. There would have been no Mueller investigation if he had not stepped down from the White House…

Pete Santilli asked Flynn if ever thought that in his life or in his military career that he would see the level of corruption al the way to the Supreme Court.

Yeah, I think what it is is people in our country they had faith over the years, over the last few decades and certainly we believed our Constitution is about, what our country is about, is to have faith in those that are serving in our government that they would do the right thing for the people, for this country …” Flynn said.

Flynn also said that he believes there is a lack of confidence in the fabric of how those institutions are supposed to serve, especially the judiciary. They are expected to stand for the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States of America at the end of the day. And he believes people are losing confidence.






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