President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, Nov. 10, hinted that explosive developments of election fraud will be soon revealed. 

The president cited a comment from Fox News host Lou Dobbs about the fraudulent computer voting systems that redirected votes to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

“”I don’t care what state you’re in, this computer voting system is wide open to fraud and intervention.” @LouDobbs,” President Trump tweeted. “True, and wait until you see what’s coming!” he added. 

More and more evidence of widespread voter fraud meant to swing the presidential race for Biden has recently come to light.

President Trump took back his 6,000 votes in Antrim, Michigan, after a so-called software glitch was reported. The head of the Republican Party said another 47 counties in the state use the same Dominion software and has asked for a recount. A similar problem was discovered in Wisconsin that would dash Biden’s lead and return 19,032 votes to the president. 

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said on  Tuesday that he has enough evidence to change the fate of the 2020 election, saying, “There is strong evidence that in three or four states, maybe 10 elections were stolen.”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said she has 234 pages of sworn affidavits alleging voting irregularities that could sway the outcome of the presidential election.

“We keep hearing the drumbeat of ‘Where’s the evidence?’ Right here, Sean,” McEnany told Fox News’s Hannity. 

“Two-hundred, thirty-four pages of sworn affidavits. These are real people, real allegations, signed with notaries, who are alleging the following, among other contentions,” she added. “They are alleging—this is one county, Wayne County, Michigan—they are saying that there was a batch of ballots where 60% had the same signature, they’re saying that 35 ballots had no voter record, but they were counted anyway, that 50 ballots were run multiple times through a tabulation machine, that one woman said her son was deceased but nevertheless somehow voted.”

The Trump campaign on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Western District of Michigan to keep the state from certifying election results until the voting process can be reviewed. 

“We do not think we’re going to eat the apple in one bite, but a large part of these lawsuits is to gather further information,” Trump Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said, according to The Daily Caller. “We do ultimately believe that President Trump will win this election.”

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