According to constitutionalist lawyer Ivan Raiklin, the U.S. Constitution gives the vice president, Mike Pence, the power to annul the fraudulent election, thereby allowing the re-election of President Donald Trump. 

“In the absence of SCOTUS opinions, VP Pence as President of the Senate is the person with the most individualized Constitutional Authority & the absolute most discretionary power to decide the fate of the Presidential & VP election,” Raiklin confirmed in a Dec. 26 tweet.

He added, “States/Congress have powers as institutions.”

Raiklin urged Pence in an earlier tweet to inform the secretaries of state of the six accused  states that, due to the overwhelming evidence of fraud, he cannot accept the certifications because the voters were not legally appointed.

Since the Constitution in Article II, Section 1 states that the legislature of each state “may direct” and “appoint” its electors, but since the states in dispute did not do so, there is nothing to certify as extracted by the alternative American Thinker from the document sent by Raiklin, on Dec. 24. 

The states involved in traditional and electronic voting fraud strategies are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“The problem is one of fraud in the inception: when fraud permeates an election, the state lacks the power to appoint electors because no law authorizes the state to act in the absence of an honest election,” wrote author Andrea Widburg.

Despite the large amount of evidence presented by the Trump campaign’s legal team in support of its legitimate claims, the cases were dismissed over objections to the proceedings, without regard to the authenticity of the facts alleged or the evidence provided. 

Pence, in addition to holding the power granted to him by the Constitution in this exceptional case, has classified evidence and knowledge confirming the electoral crimes that occurred, through which votes were passed from President Donald Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

It is assumed that he also has access to evidence of foreign intervention in the election under President Trump’s executive order 13848 for 2018. 

Nevertheless, President Trump remains calm and fully adheres to the legal provisions, with absolute confidence that the electoral will of the nearly 75 million Americans who voted for him will be respected. 

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