An overwhelming majority of people surveyed have no confidence in Kamala Harris’s ability to govern, a new poll found.

The latest Trafalgar Group-Convention of States Action Nationwide Survey of Issues revealed nearly 64% of respondents are either “not confident at all” or “not very confident” in the vice president after her first six months in the job.

Republican respondents were Harris’s biggest critics, with almost 84% saying they are “not confident at all” in her. Independents (59%) were also mostly “not confident at all” while nearly 36% of Democrats felt the same way.

Just the News reported Harris’s approval ratings are even worse than those of President Joe Biden and most of her predecessors.

The vice president particularly dissatisfied respondents regarding her response to the escalating border crisis, which they claim to be a threat to national stability. The remarks came despite the president appointing Harris to help the Biden administration resolve the matter.

Conservative political strategist Keith Naughton predicts potential ramifications might include losing the vice presidency.

“Harris is providing a lot of ammunition to her detractors,” he said according to the Western Journal. “Her big policy responsibility, immigration, has been a mess. Her lengthy refusal to visit the border was a bad move but her explanation was worse.”

Naughton believes the general public expects their political representatives to visit disaster zones, make speeches and show sympathy. He concluded the Democrat is unfit to perform her duties.

“Harris and her team were just being obstinate in the face of Republican attacks, instead of facing the music,” he said according to the paper.

A different poll released on July 7 prompted the Action Convention of States to suspect the incumbent president does not appear to be performing his role.

“Our last poll found that most Americans do not believe Joe Biden is actually running the country,” President Mark Meckler said according to Just the News. “We are [now] learning voters think Kamala Harris’s tenure as vice president has been a disaster, and she is absolutely not ready to step in and take his place.”

Whistleblowers recently accused Harris of not doing enough to change what they called an abusive environment of low morale in the office of the vice president.

Twenty two current and former aides complained about being mistreated, and feeling both tense and chaotic due to the Democrat’s hasty decision-making.

“It is not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated,” one whistleblower said according to Politico. “It is not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like [expletive.]”

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