José Aliaga, an American citizen from Peru, in his testimony of what happened early on Nov. 4 at the Detroit, Michigan, voting center, confirmed what had been denounced in previous reports about dozens of boxes of ballots for the Democratic candidate that arrived after the polls closed but were still illegally counted in the absence of the Republican poll watchers.

Aliaga gave his testimony on the District 13 YouTube channel on Friday, Nov. 13, which so far has collected five testimonies of electoral fraud in the state of Michigan.

The main fact Aliaga denounces is something that has been reported previously and that coincides with several other eyewitnesses: Around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, several vehicles arrived at the TFC convention center in Detroit, with about 60 boxes of mail-in ballots. Aliaga was fulfilling his role as a poll watcher representing the Republican Party.

When he wanted to get closer to observe the counting of these votes, the Democratic members of which there were a ratio of 200 to 60 Republicans obstructed his view arguing that he had to keep 6 feet away and finally they did not let him observe the counting of the votes, but he did notice that the ballots only had the option of president (Biden) and senator (Gary Peters) marked.

Aliaga recalls the hostility of these people, while the Democrats were allowed to walk freely, use their cellphones, and talk to the vote counters (legally prohibited), while all those who went to support President Trump were prohibited from using their cellphones (it is allowed by law though), they were “marked” with an identification tag they had to wear around their necks that said they were from the GOP.

“When I was walking there, I had these two women following me around, I mean they had tattoos, they looked really like the type of … to me they were not decent people,” explained Aliaga who was intimidated throughout the day.

“Their job was to intimidate me, making me feel like crap. Make me feel like anytime I do whatever they were going to beat me up or something,” recalled Aliaga.

He also recalls that there was a group of men who fit his description of “antifa people” who were even more aggressive and sought to fight the Republicans, make them feel uncomfortable, and interfere with their work of observing the validation and vote counting process.

When the boxes arrived in the early hours, Aliaga checked his cellphone that Trump was winning in Michigan by at least 300,000 votes. After counting those “extra votes” the lead was reduced to 100,000 and the next day President Trump only had 10,000 votes up. Biden currently has more votes than President Trump in the state.

Aliaga also recalls another important point that previous reports also denounced; the vote-counting machines were connected to the Internet.

A former Republican state legislator, Patrick Colbeck, called Aliaga aside, pointed to the computers connected to some routers, “You know Jose? The cheating is also right here. You are gonna see, by tomorrow, Biden will win this.”

“Why are you saying this?” Aliaga asked.

“All these routers, I know how this works. You are gonna see,” replied the former legislator, who is also an NASA engineer, according to Aliaga.

Aliaga’s testimony is one of many, the evidence of fraud exceeds what was initially known and as Aliaga said, “This election was stolen” (by the Democrats).

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