Last weekend, mathematician Bobby Piton, who conducted an audit of election data in the state of Arizona due to anomalies and ended up testifying at an election fraud hearing, offered new information related to irregular voter registration in the state of Pennsylvania.

Through the analysis of more than 9 million voter registrations, Piton claimed to have identified more than 500,000 people whose last names were apparently not related to any other family member and who were therefore listed as phantom voters.

The mathematician started a Twitter thread offering the following details: “I have some absolutely Stunning News to report regarding PA. I examined just over 9,008,753 records and have identified 521,879 unique Last Names. 245,033 or just under 47% of the total Last Names in PA only belong to 1 and only 1 person!”

Piton also claimed to have conducted an analysis of the 1,000 most common Pennsylvania surnames among the 9 million records, finding that the state has 695,430 fewer inhabitants than those 1,000 most well-known surnames.

“Literally there are 14,776 fewer Smiths than should be there. 19,591 Williams have gone missing, 30,830 Johnson’s are no where to be found. 11,656 Jackson went MIA. What in the world is going on in PA. Exactly 500 of the top 1,000 names in PA have a deficit in the number of people that should be there.,” he explained in another of the tweets.

According to the mathematician, the total of these 500 invalid names is 958,044, calling into question the fact that between 695,000 and 958,000 people had disappeared from the state.

It is worth remembering that on election night, President Donald Trump led the voting in Pennsylvania with more than 700,000 votes, yet just a few days after the election hundreds of thousands of ballots were released in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

“I am at a loss for words that I am looking at such INSANE Outright Fraud. That almost 1 million Americans had their Vote STOLEN from them! Arrests need to be made for this crime against the Great State of Pennsylvania,” Piton concluded in his Twitter posting.

Piton, who was a key witness at the hearing  in the Arizona Legislature on voter fraud, has been the target of censorship by Big Tech like Twitter, especially during the election race.

In addition to the fact that major media outlets did not broadcast the hearing in which he participated, Twitter took care of removing the hashtag #ArizonaHearing, as well as removing the tweets discussing the developments at the event.

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