Virginia Democratic officials continue to insist on implementing a questioned gun ban plan, despite the fact that dozens of local governments, officials, and the public have already expressed strong opposition to the measure.

In recent statements cited by the local Bristol Herald Courier, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said that once the General Assembly passes new gun ban laws—which could happen in January 2020—they will be “enforced, and they will be followed.”

Herring’s warning comes after at least 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties, and numerous cities, have declared themselves ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’, promising to protect the rights of their citizens to bear arms.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that every citizen is entitled to keep or bear arms, and the state shall not interfere in the buying and selling of arms. The text is intended to allow armed forces personnel and those who have received appropriate training to exercise their individual right of defense.

However, Democratic lawmakers in Virginia, with the support of Gov. Ralph Northam, intend to introduce bills that seek to ban gun training and the legal carrying of guns.

Critics of the proposal said that such regulations would, in effect, violate the Constitution and prevent authorized citizens from obtaining adequate training in the use of weapons.

That is why, similar to illegal immigration sanctuary cities, police authorities in Second Amendment sanctuary counties, backed by new local regulations, have said they will refuse to prosecute people for carrying a weapon for self-defense.

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia, like Gerry Connolly, have threatened officers in those counties with possible prosecution if they refuse to comply with their anti-gun measures.

One of the strongest advocates of the Second Amendment is Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins, who has made it clear that he is willing to “deputize thousands” to fight for gun rights.

“They will be properly vetted through a normal process. Everything from normal background checks that we do for other deputy sheriffs as well as psych [evaluations],” Jenkins told Fox News.

Following strong opposition from the local population, Northam and new state Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw confirmed days ago that they dropped the controversial proposal to ban and confiscate assault weapons.

That is why Northam would now plan to ban the sale of new assault weapons and allow existing assault weapon owners to keep their firearms.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has no doubt that the proposal was reversed because of the Second Amendment sanctuary movement.

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