Democratic legislators in Virginia insist on passing a draconian gun control bill (SB64), which would ban most firearms, leaving the public unarmed and without the protection provided by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. However, Tazewell, Virginia County, is showing its resistance to this proposal.

Tazewell has formed an official active militia based on what the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution addresses. This regulated military unit respects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms [lawfully] as set forth in this section of the Constitution.

According to the Law Enforcement Today article, on Tuesday, Dec. 10, the Tazewell Board of Supervisors passed two resolutions. The first resolution declared the county to be a Second Amendment sanctuary.

The second resolution was to establish a militia in the county. Both resolutions were passed unanimously, with more than 200 citizens supporting them.

Despite the fact that most of the citizens of Tazewell were in favor of the aforementioned resolutions, the Democrats of Virginia insist on passing the SB64 bill, which seeks to penalize any citizen who is involved in any “paramilitary activity,” that is, those places where a civilian or an agent of any armed force is trained will be penalized under the conditions imposed by this bill.

Thus, those responsible and respectful of the Constitution who went through the proper control to legally acquire a weapon will not be able to receive training on the proper use of any weapon.

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