A new book brings to light some of the Vatican’s darkest secrets about corruption and crimes, LifeSiteNews reports.

The book titled ‘Sacred Betrayals’ recounts how a widow raises her voice against Francis’ Papacy’s corruption. It consists of the revelations of the widow of a former Vatican ambassador with knowledge of many facts, who accuses Pope Francis of covering up for Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga.

Throughout the revealing book, Martha Alegria de Valladares reveals the disturbing web of financial and moral corruption she discovered after her family’s savings disappeared in a bogus investment scheme recommended by Maradiaga.

Valladares’ widow exposes the naked impunity and abuses committed by Maradiaga under Francis’ regime and cries out for justice, both for her and for the countless victims of clerical corruption. 

According to the book’s description, no concerned Catholic can ignore her testimony.

Scandalous investments and missing savings

According to the book’s author, Cardinal Madariaga covered up sexual abuse and misconduct by his auxiliary bishop, Honduran Juan José Pineda Fasquelle, and diverted millions of dollars Church money into fraudulent investment schemes. 

The investments included the life savings of Honduras’ ambassador to the Vatican, Alejandro Valladares, and his wife, who authored the book.

The Vadallares family hosted Cardinal Maradiaga in their home for decades until they confronted him after protesting the scandalous behavior of his auxiliary bishop, Juan José Pineda.

Pineda was eventually accused of sex crimes against seminarians and disappeared from Honduras after resigning his post. 

Unsuccessful plea for help

When the Vadallares family lost their savings in the fraudulent scheme, Vadallares’ widow took their case to the highest authorities in the Vatican, including Pope Francis, according to LifeNews. 

However, she found no response and only protection for Madariaga from Pope Francis. 

She kept looking for justice without finding it. She decided to alert the faithful about the corruption of the Catholic Church, especially the most influential and powerful cardinal of Pope Francis, and that is why she wrote this book.

“Alegría’s testimony regarding Cardinal Maradiaga’s involvement of their family in a fraudulent financial scheme, as well as his defense and cover-ups of his auxiliary bishop is deeply shocking. More disturbing is her revelation that Francis continues to protect Maradiaga despite all the misdeeds for which Maradiaga has made himself personally responsible,” writes the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Carlo Maria Viganò, in his foreword to the book.

The book is available online from the Amazon store or LifeNews’ publisher, faithful insight.

The “political” role of Francis

Pope Francis has undoubtedly disappointed orthodox Catholics for his alignment to Marxist theories and globalism, among other issues.

In addition, he is also subject to scrutiny for his relationship with the Chinese regime, as Francis recognizes and legitimizes priests who pledge their allegiance to the atheistic Chinese Communist Party and give their lives for it. So, where is God in this?

These actions create deep confusion in the Catholic Church, and Pope Francis’s behavior is becoming less and less orthodox.



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