A farmer named Adrian Powell in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, after suffering several attacks on his posters in support of President Trump, made a huge mural painted on a pile of hay bales. There is concern about the large number of violent reactions against flags and posters in support of the Trump campaign throughout the country.

Powell, decided to make a huge exhibit on his property created from a pile of hay bales he painted himself, simulating the face of President Donald Trump with the colors of the U.S. flag and a sign that says Trump 2020, according to Fox News.

Before presenting his peculiar creation, Powell had in his garden several signs in favor of President Trump, which were destroyed in the last days, those responsible are still at large.

However, according to Powell, the signs are already painted, sewn, and put back in place. 

The vandalism involving attacks on campaign signs for President Trump during the last few months of the election season was permanent and there is concern that it will increase in the coming days, when there is less and less time left before the election date.

According to Fox News, a Minnesota family woke up in late September and found their garage on fire, with graffiti of “Biden 2020” on the side. The family attributed the attack on their property to the fact that they had put up a flag in support of President Trump.

As Breitbart News reported, a group of California farmers rebuilt a structure they erected to put up signs in support of Trump and Devin Nunes, after the first structure made of haystacks was intentionally set on fire.

Recently, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office in California accused a man with a long criminal record of twice burning campaign signs in support of President Donald Trump, one of which was the farmers’ sign.

The violence of certain groups goes beyond the destruction of pro-Trump posters or flags. As has been reported in the past, violence against the president’s supporters has also increased in recent years. 

Reported crimes include physical assault, vandalism, actual murder, and encouraging violence against individuals and groups based solely on their personal beliefs. 

Breitbart media made a compilation of hate crimes against supporters of President Trump, the list begins in 2015 and was updated to February 2020, includes almost 400 well-documented facts.


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