Whistleblowers continue to come forward to share their firsthand accounts of voting irregularities and election fraud that compromised the 2020 election.

Ethan Pease, a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) subcontractor from Wisconsin alleged at a press conference on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that he was told the post office was planning to backdate 100,000 mail-in ballots in order to circumvent the submission deadline for ballots.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” Pease, 20, identified himself as “an independent or libertarian,” said this election is the most important one of his life.

“I had no ballots to take on Election Day,” Pease told host Sean Hannity. “The day after the election, I didn’t really think anything of it until the Postal Service supervisor asked me if I had forgotten ballots the night before, and I didn’t have any, so I was like ‘That’s kind of a weird question, no?'”

“He explained that 100,000 ballots were supposedly missing in the state of Wisconsin and an order came down to look for them from the Wisconsin-Illinois USPS chapter,” Pease added. 

Pease made the accusation in an affidavit and acknowledged that he would be charged with perjury if he lied. Pease said he felt compelled to speak out because he “couldn’t go to the grave knowing what I knew and just keeping that to myself knowing that something went wrong in this election.”

Two other whistleblowers participated in the interview. Jesse Morgan, who is also an USPS subcontractor truck driver, alleged that he had driven nearly 300,000 completed mail-in ballots across state lines. Morgan said he doesn’t care about politic issues and didn’t vote this year. 

The third whistleblower was Kristina Karamo, an election observer from Michigan. Karamo said she had witnessed a poll worker giving a ballot for Democrats while it was supposed to be thrown out. 

Karamo acknowledged that while she is a registered Republican, she said, “This is beyond Republicans and Democrats. This is about our republic being protected. If we don’t have confidence in our election, we don’t have a nation.”

Karamo also expressed her frustration over mainstream media not investigating voter fraud allegations and ignoring the overwhelming evidence of voting irregularities. 

“The way that media won’t even take the time to investigate our claims just roundly dismissed us,” she said. “What’s kind of journalism is it that doesn’t even talk to us, to see what we said.”

Legacy media swiftly declared Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election and dismissed all voter fraud allegations as “baseless.”

Hannity went off on the mainstream media as it continues to ignore those witnesses, saying, “Journalism is dead in the media mob.”

“The mob is ignoring what witnesses, or maybe want to call them whistleblowers, are saying,” he said in his opening monologue Tuesday. “So once again, we will do the work that the so-called journalists, although journalism is dead in the media mob, refuse to do.”

“This program, as we told you, we have always been, we will remain independent. We always forge our own path. We always go our own way. We are not the Democratic Party operatives like pretty much everyone else in the partisan press,” he added.

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