Mandates to use masks for the virus, supported by the governments of several U.S. states, are proving counterproductive to their goal of stopping the spread, according to a study published by, a clearinghouse for COVID-19, led by a group of database analysts.

The research took into account a period of 229 days, counted from May 1 to Dec. 15, days when state governments imposed mask mandates were compared with the days when they did not.

On a Twitter feed, the page’s co-founder, Justin Hart, announced the results, which showed that those states that introduced the use of masks had a total of 9,605,256 confirmed cases of the CCP Virus (COVID-19), equivalent to an average of 27 cases per 100,000 people per day.

Those states that did not implement mask orders or those that never had mandates, including the time period in which mandated states did not have mandates in place, recorded 5,781,716 cases of infection.

This means that in addition to mask orders not being as effective in containing infections after all, states with mandates in place reported an average of 10 more infections per day than states without mandates.

Those states that did not enact a mask mandate during the analysis included Florida, Nebraska, Alabama, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, Alaska, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Wyoming, according to an opinion article in The Blaze.

The researchers allowed 14 days from the day the analysis began for those states that imposed the mandate to begin counting cases by contagion in relation to mask use for more accurate assessment.

Ian Miller, a researcher at, found that three Florida counties—Manatee, Martin, and Nassau—in which the mandate was interrupted had fewer cases per capita than those counties that maintained the mandate.

In a Dec. 20 tweet, Miller sarcastically referred to the fact, saying it was “extremely confusing how this could happen,” considering that the protective mask mandate is “the single most important public health tool we have.”

“The mask religion will have a number of inaccurate excuses ready to go, but of course, they’re obscuring and ignoring that this should not be possible, no matter what the mitigating circumstances, if masks were as effective or important as we were told,” Miller wrote.

While some might question the results under the argument of disparity in population density, the study analyzed Florida using county data and found no correlation between mask mandates and fewer cases, even adjusting for population density.

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