National Intelligence of the United States Director John Ratcliffe, said on Sunday, Aug. 30, that soon he hopes to declassify new documents aimed at further clarifying, together with U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham, the alleged Russian collusion in Donald Trump’s campaign about which there is no evidence so far.

During an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Future,” Ratcliffe said he had promised a bipartisan group of senators to conduct a thorough analysis related to the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian interference, coordinating his work with that of Durham.

“He’s looking at the same documents that I am,” Ratcliffe said. “He’s not sharing his findings or the work that he’s doing. But I’m coordinating with him to make sure that he has the intelligence documents that he needs to do his work. And what I don’t want to do is declassify something that might prejudice his work.”

“So we’re going to have to coordinate as we go forward with the completion of his work with my ability to declassify documents,” Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe also said that he has submitted several reports on crimes related to “alleged leaks of classified information to the media.”

“When I become aware of intelligence community information that is disclosed unlawfully, I do what’s called a crimes report. I’ve done that now on a number of occasions, and so those investigations are moving forward,” he said.

According to Ratcliffe, the leaks to the media were allegedly for political purposes to create a false narrative to implant the idea that Russian interference poses a greater danger to national security than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Meanwhile, Democrats disagreed with Ratcliffe’s decision to limit election-related intelligence gathering, accusing him of withholding information about alleged Russian collusion in order to cover for President Trump.

According to Fox News, both Ratcliffe and his predecessor, interim director Richard Grenell, have declassified some documents related to the origins of the Russian investigation.

A document declassified by Ratcliffe described how the FBI agent who released the defensive report on election interference in Trump’s August 2016 campaign “actively listened” used certain issues as an excuse to monitor then-candidate Donald Trump and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, according to a source familiar with the document.

In early August, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith appeared in federal court and pleaded guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from prosecutor Durham’s investigation into the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Clinesmith allegedly altered an email as a result of a secret court order that the FBI carried out during the Barack Obama administration in order to spy on a former Trump campaign adviser.

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