Former Democratic New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has $16 million available to pay off outstanding fines from Florida state inmates trying to get their votes for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

Billionaire Bloomberg’s strategy relies on the work of organizations previously funded by speculator George Soros to regain the right to vote for ex-cons, Breitbart reported on Sept. 29. 

With this procedure, the Democrats could obtain about 32,000 votes from former African American and Latino criminals, and they will probably vote for whoever pays their fines. This could be “vote buying,” in the opinion of some.

A study by Bloomberg’s advisers indicates that some 775,000 ex-criminals had outstanding economic accounts linked to their crimes. 

“We have identified a significant portion of the votes that require a nominal investment,” the advisers said in a brief. 

Bloomberg’s working group was in contact with members of the Florida Restoration of Rights Coalition (FRRC) project of Tides Advocacy, which received money from Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF), and worked to pass legislation allowing ex-offenders to vote again. 

The FRRC will receive the $16 million from Bloomberg, as part of its estimated $25 million needed to pay off the debts of the elected ex-offenders. 

Previously, it received help from other radical prison reform organizations, also funded by Soros, according to Breitbart. 

FRRC chief Desmond Meade had been court-martialed for grand theft that involved his discharge from the Army. He was also convicted of cocaine possession, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed weapon, and domestic violence against his ex-wife.

The FRRC’s actions are part of the strategy of the Democratic Party and other progressive organizations to counteract President Trump’s popularity in the face of the elections of Nov. 3. 

Bloomberg, after spending $1 billion on his failed campaign to represent the Democratic Party in the presidential election, said he would provide $100 million for Biden, according to The Jerusalem Post. 

For President Trump’s re-election, the votes from the state of Florida are very important because they represent about 11 percent of the total of 270 votes required to continue managing the destiny of the nation.  

President Trump won Florida in 2016 by 132,000 votes, equivalent to 1.2% of the total. The projections of the Trump campaign are very favorable, to which one must add the victory obtained in the debate against Biden, which according to the polls gives him a superiority of between 60 percent and 66 percent.

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