After the shooting in a classroom at Pensacola Naval Air Force Base, Florida, several journalists who reported on the event received a sanction from the social network Twitter.

The sanction that ended up disabling the accounts of Andy Ngo, general editor of The Post Millennial, Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, came after the three speculated on social networks about the motivations that the attacker Alshamrami had to open fire on the naval base.

According to the Washington Examiner, journalist Andy Ngo also questioned Chelsea Clinton and the leftist activist organization Human Right Campaign after they implied that the shooting had been a mass attack primarily against transgender people.

Ngo tweeted: “The US is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.”

Meanwhile, research published in the American Journal of Health revealed, “The overall homicide rate of transgender individuals was likely to be less than that of cisgender individuals.”

The journalist’s Twitter account was also allegedly censored for posting a tweet that included a copy of the Alshamrani manifesto, which was made public by SITE, a NGO that monitors terrorist threats.

Host Pete Hegseth, also sanctioned by the social network shared: “Here’s the (now blocked) tweet from Saudi Islamist Mohammed Alshamrani, who murder 3 brave Americans in Florida. (…) The coward posted it just hours before his terrorist attack. This is Islamist terror. No reason to ever mince words. Saudi Arabia must be held to account,” according to the Daily Mail.

In addition, filmmaker Mike Cernovich also posted an excerpt from the Saudi shooter’s manifesto in addition to some postings pointing out that the shooting was motivated by anti-American and anti-Israeli feelings.

According to News Punch, Cernovich’s account was finally restored after he removed the ‘offensive’ tweet, while Ngo’s and Hegseth’s accounts remain suspended.

Under Twitter’s terms of service, it is prohibited to promote topics related to extremist or terrorist groups or individuals who affiliate with and promote their illicit activities.

Twitter policies also indicate that discussions about terrorism for merely educational or documentary purposes do not merit an infraction.

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