The third night of the Republican National Convention closed strongly as Vice President Mike Pence delivered a well-rounded nomination acceptance speech. He “took apart Joe Biden’s record” on several issues, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said on Wednesday, Aug 26.

Wallace was in admiration of Pence’s presentation at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, the historic landmark that was the site of a War of 1812 battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Wallace commented, “If they put this much thought and this much stagecraft into the acceptance speech by the vice president, I can’t even imagine what tomorrow is going to be like when Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech on the South Lawn of the White House.”

Wallace conceded the vice president had presented “as strong a case as you can imagine for the Trump record. I think he took some liberties in the way he described the president’s response to the coronavirus, but that happens in political speeches.”

Pence went on the attack against a Biden administration, and warned Americans, “you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

Pence remarked that Biden stayed utterly silent on the escalating violence in U.S. cities last week during the DNC, but went on to declare, “We will have law and order on the streets of this country.”

Pence took aim at Biden, reiterating the Trump campaign theme, “Joe Biden would be nothing more than a trojan horse for a radical left,” and he emphasized “the choice in this election has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher.”

Wallace commented that what he thought was “the most remarkable thing about tonight,” was the respect the president gave to his vice president, when he remained silent throughout Pence’s speech, not wanting to be in the spotlight himself. “How often have you seen Donald Trump at a big public event where he doesn’t say a word?” said Wallace, referencing the president and first lady’s onstage appearance as Pence concluded his speech.

“Actually, I applaud him,” he added. “This is Mike Pence’s night and he’s not one-upping him. He’s paying tribute to him. Mike Pence has been a good, loyal soldier. He did a really good job tonight and tomorrow it’s Donald Trump’s turn.”

Wallace wasn’t the only one to throw bouquets to Pence.

“If you just look at the staging of this event, if you want to put on a good event for the vice president, they put one on tonight at Fort McHenry,” said Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary and host of “The Daily Briefing.” “That was a beautiful scene … It’s also in stark contrast to the Biden campaign.”

“The Biden-Harris team has got to figure out a way to get out of Delaware and get on the road and campaign,” Perino added. “Because this convention will give President Trump a little bit of a boost.”

Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield challenged the vice president’s remarks, saying he “offered up debunked scare tactics and gaslighting in an attempt to further divide us,” reported Fox News.

Democrats may be concerned that riots and looting could be driving voters away.

“Democrats have got to be concerned about what is going on in so many of our cities,” said Republican strategist Doug Heye. “This could be the issue that helps Trump with suburban voters who otherwise might turn away from him. And so it’s no surprise that we’ve heard so much about it tonight.”

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