Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Dec. 10 aired a segment describing the congressional district of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) as “filled with garbage.”

On Tuesday’s show, Carlson said Ocasio-Cortez’s district in the New York City borough of Queens is “filled with garbage, litter and trash piled in public places” and is plagued by homelessness. As he spoke, the screen filled with pictures of overflowing trash bags on sidewalks and a half-filled water bottle leaning against a curb.

“It’s not that hard to pick up garbage off the street of your own congressional district,” Carlson said. “How can we take seriously anything she says about the environment when this is her congressional district? She should be ashamed of this.”

In New York, like in most cities, sanitation issues are handled by the local, not the federal government.

Carlson interviewed a guest, Seth Barron, an editor of the City Journal, who described Ocasio-Cortez’s district as the “least American” in the country, “occupied by relatively few American citizens” and a high percentage of people who came to the country illegally. He offered no statistics to support the claim.

Barron said people are crammed into illegal living spaces producing a lot of garbage that landlords don’t want to dispose of normally, so a lot ends up in the street.

“It can be a little gross,” Barron said.

A day after the report, Ocasio-Cortez fired back at Fox News. She criticized the network on Wednesday for airing “unmitigated racism” with no accountability.

She tweeted Wednesday that describing immigrants as dirty is a “lazy, tired, racist trope.”

AOC has been made a frequent target of Fox News Channel’s opinion hosts. Carlson, in particular, has targeted Ocasio-Cortez for supporting a Green New Deal of environmental legislation.

She retweeted a clip of the segment saying that she goes back and forth on whether she should make appearances on Fox News.

“The main reason I haven’t is squaring the fact that the ad revenue from it bankrolls a white supremacist sympathizer to broadcast an hourlong production of unmitigated racism, without any accountability whatsoever,” she wrote.

About a day ago, Ocasio-Cortez generated a wave of criticism for a “victorious” tweet in which she points out that Amazon will still set up its new facilities in New York, without considering that she lost at least 23,500 jobs in her district.

Includes reporting from the Associated Press