In a radio interview with SiriusXM, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned that the United States is becoming a “Soviet society” that prioritizes conformity and obedience over freedom of behavior and thought.

For this reason, he called for action so that people would not be afraid to express their own opinions in their daily lives, for example, in their interpersonal relationships.

“I do think, marginally, people can be more brave and more honest just in their personal lives,”  Carlson told host Alex Marlow.

“There’s no reason to sit at a dinner party and be browbeaten by somebody and not pipe up. You don’t have to argue, but you can quietly speak your conscience in public,” he added.

He also warned about how society has become incredibly conformist.

 “I see it in my kids and their friends. My kids don’t agree with a lot of this crap, but the spirit of the age is, ‘Well, I don’t really want to step outside the herd.’ We don’t celebrate mavericks at all. … It’s such a soviet society, now. What we celebrate is team joiners. ‘Oh, look, this guy got the vaccine. He’s a hero. He took his medicine.’ It’s insane,’” Carlson said.

He also stated that a culture of conformity praises compliance and condemns dissent.

“The saddest realization that I’ve made in the last couple years is that propaganda works. Look at the polling. You can tell people almost anything, and some percentage of them will be like, ‘Yeah, I saw it on NBC News,’ and of course, that’s why they do it, but if you thought this was a really independent-minded country with a bunch of flinty mavericks in it, it’s kind of distressing to see that,” Carlson said.

He also pointed out that people’s compliance with corporate, government, and media coercion fuels the growing abuses of an increasingly centralized oligarchy.

“It’s so crazy. It can only continue if we allow it to,” he said. “One of the phrases one never hears anymore that was a feature of my childhood was ‘civil disobedience,’ which was the act of following your conscience in a non-violent, respectful, but firm way. I’m not doing that. I’m not playing along. I’m not going to abet my own destruction,” he said.

Carlson encouraged people to get out of their ‘comfort zone’ and stop being complicit in the system: “I feel like a lot more people could do that, and if they did, this s**** would end today, because it takes our complicity to continue. Let’s just be honest, we’re implicated in this.”

He also said that it takes courage to reject the orthodoxies imposed by abusive governments and corporations. He also made an interesting link between the left’s undermining of masculinity and men within the broader phenomenon of growing totalitarianism.

“Where are the men?” Carlson asked. “There’s been a massive decline in testosterone levels. I think that’s a huge part of what we’re seeing right now. That accounts for a lot of the cowardice. I’m just being as honest as I can be.”

On mandatory vaccination in NY

Tucker Carlson is known for speaking his mind without a filter and is grateful that he has the freedom to do so on his show.

On Monday, Aug. 17, on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, he also made strong statements about mandatory vaccination in New York. According to the new order, indoor spaces are off-limits to the unvaccinated.

“In New York City, you’re no longer allowed to walk indoors, even on private property, unless you’ve taken a COVID shot and carry the documents to prove that you have. That’s now the law—a law that by the way, not a single person voted for—voting being part of that outmoded, racist system we used to call ‘democracy,'” Carlson said on his Fox prime time show.

“That’s the law. At a press conference yesterday, Bill de Blasio displayed this graphic showing all the places you’re not allowed to go without identification and proof of vaccination. Your papers, please. That includes restaurants, bars, cafeterias, grocery stores, bakeries, fast food places, and aquariums. Hope you’re not hungry or looking to see fish. You can’t go,” he added.

Carlson laments that the time has passed when people in power felt they had to answer even simple questions. “The emphasis is on us and our total obedience,” he said.