Renowned host, Tucker Carlson, denounced in his regular program that the multinational communications company AT&T lobbied authorities, to avoid sanctions imposed on the company China Telecom, accused of collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in human rights abuses. 

“Specifically we know that AT&T worked to keep China Telecom off of something called the Entity List. That list blocks companies from selling American products and technology to certain foreign firms without first getting a license,” Carlson was quoted as saying by the Daily Caller on Feb. 25. 

China Telecom “is backed by the Chinese military” and “under the control” of the CCP. According to U.S. officials, these circumstances pose a serious national security risk. 

He also obtained confirmation from AT&T regarding its suitability for China Telecom not to be sanctioned. 

“AT&T is a proud partner of China Telecom, has a joint venture with China Telecom. In a statement provided to this show, AT&T admitted that it does not want China Telecom on the entities list, citing potential unintended consequences,” Carlson said. 

He also obtained information from former Commerce Department Deputy Secretary Corey Stewart, who warned that if China Telecom was not sanctioned it would be due to influence from the Biden administration.

“And we were on the verge of placing China Telecom, as well as other companies, onto the Entity List. And let me just say this, the career staff at the Commerce Department were clearly on a path to do this. If it doesn’t happen, that will mean there was pressure from the Biden administration, put on it by AT&T, to not put them on there,” he concluded.

Stewart also explained about China Telecom’s involvement in the CCP’s persecution of the Uighurs. 

“There is very good information” suggesting that the CCP is using China Telecom’s telecommunications technology to “track minority populations in China,” which is leading to the “roundup” of the Uyghur population and other groups, to lock them up in “modern concentration camps.”

That is why it was excluded from the companies that could provide the service of storing Americans’ data in the cloud. 

China Telecom was part of a list published by the Department of Commerce with 58 companies of Chinese origin linked to the CCP military, and which will be absolutely forbidden to buy a wide range of American products and technology.

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