With only five weeks left before the presidential election, the options for re-election of President Donald Trump are progressively growing. 

The Trump campaign’s calculations shows that when evaluating the percentages of voting intention in each of the states and comparing them to the 2016 scenario, when he won the presidency, he would need to gather to him a collection of states as he did in 2016.

Furthermore, the polls on the first of the debates last night, Sept. 29, show that between 60 percent and 66 percent of the participants concede victory to President Trump.

To remain in the White House, Trump would need at least 270 electoral votes forming a coalition of states, as he did in 2016.

“In all the battlegrounds President Trump needs to win, he’s either leading or within the margin of error,” Trump’s senior campaign adviser, Jason Miller, said earlier this month according to Breitbart News. 

“So I think that’s an important distinction. Don’t worry about the fake polls you see out there, the sample 25 percent Republicans that make you think there aren’t any Republicans left in the country anymore. President Trump is in a great position,” reiterated Miller.

Sam Nunberg, Trump’s former campaign adviser for 2016, agrees with Miller. 

“This guy is built to win presidential elections,” Nunberg said of President Trump. “Why? Two major states: Ohio and Florida. If you win Ohio and Florida as a presidential candidate, it’s practically impossible for you to lose the presidency.” 

“The president got 306 electoral votes last time,” Nunberg said in support of his claim.  

It seems that one of the factors that most hurts the Democrats in this election is their strong adherence to the radical left.  

“I talk to a lot of people who I know are lifelong Democrats, and they’re like, ‘I’ve had it. This Democratic Party isn’t the party that my parents belonged to. The thing has gone, far left, progressive,'” said Lackawanna County Democratic Party Chairman Chris Patrick.

He added, “Some people buy into that. I think what’s happening is a lot of longtime Democrats are more moderate, more maybe a tiny bit right-leaning conservative instead of this far-left liberalism.”

Returning to the debate between the two presidential candidates, the most recent event in their respective campaigns, the media had a hard time explaining why President Trump had beaten Biden in the polls to see who had won. 

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel commented, “After tonight’s debate, the choice between President Trump’s 47 months of delivering real results versus Joe Biden’s 47 years as a failed, career politician has never been clearer.”

He added, “In 35 days the American people are going to re-elect President Trump to a second-term along with Republicans up and down the ballot.”

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