A coffee table book about the 45th president attracted huge reader interest, even before it was promoted on Nov. 21.

Donald Trump’s new book “Our Journey Together” raked in more than $1 million during the first day.

“We have seen such an incredible response to President Donald Trump’s newest book,” Winning Team Publishing president Sergio Gor said according to the Washington Examiner. “Selling a million dollars worth of books in 24 hours is just extraordinary.”

More than 9,000 preorders were submitted without advertising. Autographed books cost three times more than copies without.

“These sales all occurred before we started promoting the work on radio or television,” Gor said according to the publication.

The book was scheduled for release on Dec. 7. It contains 300 photographs of Trump’s handwritten notes.

Trump described his book as a reflection of an “incredible four years” in office.

“[Achievements include] building the southern border wall, cutting America’s taxes, confirming almost 300 federal judges and three Supreme Court justices, [and] rebuilding our military,” he said according to the Washington Examiner. “[They also include] creating Space Force, dealing with Kim Jong-Un, President Xi, President Putin, and many other world leaders–and battling liberals on two impeachment witch hunts.”

He described successor Joe Biden’s first moments in office as an “embarrassing and humiliating” start.

Trump’s literary success came despite some New York publishers boycotting his book due to “cancel culture.” In January, 500 authors and literary professionals signed an open letter that urged publishers to refuse book contracts with anyone from the Trump administration.

However, this effort failed to stop the previous president from “being bombarded with book and TV deals that could be worth a staggering $100 million,” according to the Guardian.

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