Detention of illegal aliens continues to decline on the U.S. southern border for the sixth consecutive month, according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The agency rejected 42,649 immigrants on the border with Mexico in November, equivalent to a decrease of 6% since October and a drop of over 70 percent since the height of the crisis in May, when more than 144,000 migrants were encountered, according to Fox News.

These results show a strong advance of the immigration policies applied by President Trump to the border crisis.

“The president’s strategy to address the historic flood of Central American family units illegally crossing the border has worked and catch and release is over,” a senior Trump administration official said, according to Fox News.

An important factor in reducing the number of illegal aliens is the suspension of the procedure known as “catch and release,” under which illegals were released into the country while their cases were being reviewed, something that could take several years.

This procedure was reduced to only a few months, while applicants are returned to Mexico pending the results.

Illegal entry into the United States is a crime and as such under the country’s immigration law, it is prosecuted.

When an entire family commits this crime, they must be prosecuted and may even be imprisoned. Children cannot be apprehended and must be removed from detention centers and placed in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

While the Democrats are dealing with a contradictory and unsuccessful impeachment of President Trump, he continues to effectively address the country’s needs.

“I haven’t seen any Democrats down here at the Border working with us or asking to speak to any of us. They have an open invitation. We are getting overrun, our facilities are overcapacity. We are at an emergency crisis,” tweeted President Trump on April 2.