President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, revealed that he has about 60 or 70 witnesses who have seen cases of voter fraud in Pennsylvania during the presidential election and they have offered to testify. He said the evidence is such that it could radically change the current presidential election landscape.

In a dialogue with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, the former mayor of New York City reported that while he cannot reveal all the information the legal team has, he said that Trump’s campaign could launch up to 10 lawsuits related to the vote count in the state.

“Right now, we have one [lawsuit]” that is already underway, he revealed to Trump’s lawyer. “In Philadelphia, where we are furthest ahead, we have about 60 or 70 witnesses in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh,” he said.

Giuliani explained what happened in Pittsburgh, a city governed by the Democrats, where Republican observers had to stay away or directly outside the room where the vote-counting by mail was taking place for 24 hours.

“Of course are the highly suspicious ballots,” he added, noting, “During that period of time, at least 135,000 ballots were counted, none of which were observed by any Republican observer as the law requires.”

He also explained that the bundles of mail ballots were carried late.

“It looked very much like they were trying to make up the 700,000 difference that they had from election night,” Giuliani said, referring to the wide margin that Trump was holding over Biden on the night of Nov. 3.

He also claimed that another 300,000 ballots were counted while no Republican observer was allowed to observe.

“Even though we went to court, and we were allowed to move 6 feet closer, the Democrat-machine people moved the counting place six feet further away,” he said, noting that such an irregularity is on film.

He explained that there are more than 50 witnesses to the incident and that on Tuesday they will file a lawsuit for violating civil rights, for conducting an unfair election, for violating the law of the state, for treating Pittsburgh and Philadelphia different than the rest of the state.”

Given the immense number of irregularities observed, Giuliani said there is no way to determine the validity of thousands of votes.

“We’re at now 450,000 definite mail-in ballots that they separated from the envelope, threw the envelope away,” he explained. “We can never tell if they’re valid or not,” he lamented.

Giuliani also said they will review whether votes were cast on behalf of deceased persons and will examine the backlog of votes.

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