After the rally of nearly 18,000 people in Ohio Thursday night, the Atlantic published an article reporting that Trump supporters want to make it clear, “They are tired of being called racists.”

Democrats and their allies in the left-leaning media recently labeled President Trump a “racist,” after his critiques of “The Squad” and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.). But Trump supporters in Cincinnati, Ohio, were eager to defend the president.

The article started by quoting from Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, saying the left’s habit of resorting to cries of “racism” makes a “mockery” of the term and ultimately “hurt[s] those that are actually afflicted by it.”

“It’s amazing that when Donald Trump makes a comment about Baltimore, it’s racist, it’s terrible, it’s this. But when the mayor of that town, when the congressman from that town, said the exact same thing, ‘Oh! No problem!’” Trump Jr. boomed, referring to a statement that Cummings made in 1999, calling Baltimore “drug-infested.”

“It’s sad that using ‘racism’ has become the easy button of left-wing politics,” he told the crowd of nearly 18,000-capacity at the U.S. Bank Arena Thursday. “Because guess what? It still is an issue. … But by making a mockery of it by saying every time you can’t win a fight—’Oh! We’re just gonna push the button! It’s racist’—you hurt those that are actually afflicted by it. People hear it, they roll their eyes, and they walk on. And that’s a disgrace, and that’s what you’ve been given in the identity politics of the Left.”

The article continued to highlight comments from Trump supporters about the Left’s “easy button” “racist” label.

Brandon Straka, who founded the WalkAway movement to encourage people to leave the Democratic Party, claimed, “Insinuations of bigotry and racism,” were “divisive tactics” used by the “liberal media to control minorities in this country,” and “This is a president who serves minorities because he loves minorities.”

“We’re all tired of being called racists,” Richard Haines, one 74-year-old white Trump supporter said. “You open your mouth, you’re a racist. My daughter is a liberal, and she’s [using the word] all the time. We don’t talk politics; we can’t—all the time she always accuses me of hate.”

“Donald is not racist, you know?” Haines said. “He makes a statement, and they take the words out of context and try to twist everything so that he’s a racist. And I think it’s gonna backfire.”

“I’m sick to death of it,” said another supporter about Trump and his fans being branded racist. “I have 13 grandchildren—13. Four of them are biracial, black and white; another two of them are black and white; and another two of them are Singapore and white. You think I’m a racist? I go and I give them kids kisses like nobody’s business.”

Robert Morris, a 72-year-old man, said he was tired of being called a racist. He said he sends money as often as he can to a school charity in the Dominican Republic.

Chanting “send her back?” No, he said, that wouldn’t happen again, because “we’re positive.” He chuckled a bit. “But I’d buy her a ticket so she can go on a cruise back.” Omar was, he said, “a very ungrateful person.”

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