After the”Million-MAGA March” in Washington, on Saturday, Nov. 14, President Trump’s supporters were violently attacked on several occasions by Marxist groups Black Lives Matter and antifa. They had organized a counterprotest on the same day. In some instances, the police were even complicit in the attacks, Breitbart reported.

In journalist Jorge Ventura’s video, Christopher Horne and two of his friends can be seen trying to get through a police cordon to their hotel half a block away. The police deny them passage and force them to turn around through the violent Black Lives Matter mob who, in front of the police, begin to push them, trying to take away their Trump 2020 flag. The police did not intervene in the attacks that occurred right in front of their eyes.

During their attempt to arrive at their hotel, a group of thugs, including two women, attacked them several times, hitting them from behind.

In another video, a man trying to stop the attacks and who defends himself received a punch from behind, which knocked him out, and when he falls, he is kicked in the face. The two women who had assaulted Horne before stealing his cellphone.

It was only at this point that police intervened and began to separate the attackers, which could have been avoided from the start if the trio had been allowed to cross the police line.

One of the victims, Christopher Horne, thanked reporter Ventura:

Ventura went one step further and gave the police the videos of the attacks with which the officers then identified the attackers and questioned them.

However, because of Democrats’ policies—Washington has a Democratic mayor—there is no certainty that these individuals will be charged.

The curious thing about all these incidents is that Trump’s supporters have demonstrated peacefully, respecting law and order, and showing pride in their country. They also staunchly defend the police force, which has been attacked by these radical Marxist movements.

Radical Marxism has even forced defunding the police force to some degree. One cannot help but wonder if this is what the United States would look like under a Democrat president.

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