Supporters of President Donald Trump lined up and camped out 40 hours ahead of the president’s Tuesday night rally in Orlando, Florida, to announce his 2020 re-election campaign.

Supporter David Melony commented on the positive atmosphere among the supporters waiting to see the president.

“Here it’s great everybody is happy they’re going to see Trump, were like the first hundred in line or better. Everybody’s looking out for everybody.” said Melony.

Melony shared why he supports President Trump and his appreciation that the president who has been referred to as “the blue collar billionaire,” is looking out for working-class Americans.||6f749d27e__

“He’s doing the right thing because he’s looking out for the country he’s not looking out for the bureaucrats he’s looking out for the common people that work every day and have to pay the taxes and support all the people that are living off the taxes. And he’s looking out for us,” Melony said.

The president’s re-election campaign received over 100,000 ticket requests for the arena, which sits 20,000.

The president stated in a tweet that food trucks and large screens will be set up outside the venue for those who are unable to get tickets.

Supporters from across the country arrived early so as to secure a seat in the stadium to see the president. Karen Murphy shared with a reporter her feelings on traveling to the rally.

Ms. Karen Murphy: We flew from Boston we live in Cape Cod.
Reporter: Why did you come all the way down here?
Ms. Murphy: Because we are Trumpsters, we love President Trump.
Ms. Murphy: I used to wait in line like this and hitchhike to Grateful Dead. That’s what it reminds me of.”

Supporter Terry Pietroburgo shared with a reporter that her support is for President Trump’s policies rather than the Republican establishment.

Ms. Terry Pietroburgo: “Because I think they sat on their butts for eight years whining about Obama and then didn’t have anything ready to go to correct things.”
Reporter: “So you’re a Trump supporter but you want to hold Republicans accountable? So the swamp still needs to be drained?”
Ms. Pietroburgo: “Absolutely. The swamp needs to be drained yes absolutely. I think Mitch McConnell and a whole bunch of them are just covering their butts and I yeah I hope a lot of the Republicans, I hope new ones get voted in.”

Supporter Melony shared his thoughts on the importance of the Trump presidency and of President Trump being re-elected. “I’m saying if they don’t want to get on board, if they actually think they can beat Trump and they did, the country is going to go down real quick. He’s our last chance” said Melony.