President Donald Trump said his administration is committed to working with Congress to “stop the menace of mass attacks,” the goal is to “substantially reduce the violent crime … in any form, any of its evil forms.” He spoke during a visit to the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for an update on Hurricane Dorian.

President Trump said that the West Texas shooting “hasn’t changed anything” in regard to congressional talks about gun control. He also said that stricter background checks would have done nothing to stop the mass shootings that have taken place over the last several years and reaffirmed his belief that gun violence is a mental health issue.

“We’re looking at the same things,” he said. “It really hasn’t changed anything.”

“A lot of people are talking about it and that’s irrespective of what happened yesterday in Texas,” he added.

Trump called the shooter a “very sick person” and praised Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and state law enforcement for their response to the shooting.

“It’s tragic. But they did an incredible job under the circumstances. Another very sick person. So I just want to thank everybody involved. And always, you say, as bad as it was, it could have been worse. But it was certainly bad. A very, very sad situation,” Trump told reporters.

While speaking to reporters Sunday morning President Trump said stronger background checks would not have stopped the mass public attacks our nation has witnessed over the past six or seven years.

He claimed, “I will say that for the most part, sadly if you look at the last four or five going back even five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it.”

Trump said, “We are in the process of dealing with Democrats and Republicans, and there’s a big package of things that’s going to be put before them by a lot of different people I’ve been speaking to a lot of senators, a lot of house members, Republicans, Democrats—this really hasn’t changed anything, we’re doing a package and we’ll see how it comes about.”

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