President Trump’s legal team announced on Tuesday, Nov. 24 that public hearings will be held in the Pennsylvania Senate and the Arizona and Michigan legislatures to present evidence of election fraud in those states, according to Fox News.

“It’s in everyone’s interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud,” Giuliani said in a statement on Tuesday. “And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures, and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election.”

The first hearing on Nov. 25 will be in the Pennsylvania State Senate, then on Nov. 30, the Arizona Legislature will hold its public hearing, followed by Michigan’s on Dec. 1.

In Pennsylvania, President Trump won the election on Nov. 3 with a margin of 700,000 votes and about 70% of these votes have already been counted. Between the early morning of Nov. 4 and the following morning, Biden suddenly got more than 1 million votes, which election experts question as being suspiciously impossible.

“There were serious irregularities, we have evidence of fraud in several states, and it is important for all Americans to have faith in our electoral process,” Trump attorney Jenna Ellis said in a statement. “All we’ve wanted from the beginning is to count every legal vote and discount every illegal vote,” she said.

While both Pennsylvania and Arizona have certified the election by giving the Democratic candidate the winner, the power to decide a contested election lies with the state legislatures.

“State legislatures are uniquely qualified and positioned to hold hearings on election irregularities and fraud before electors are chosen,” President Trump’s campaign stated.

Similarly, in the state of Michigan, President Trump had a lead over Biden of more than 300,000 votes when early morning mail-in ballots arrived in batches, all for Biden, according to eyewitnesses. The next day President Trump’s lead was just 10,000 votes.

In Nevada and Arizona, a reporter for The Federalist reported that a group working for the Democrats engaged in giving gifts, cash prizes, and raffles to the Native American population in exchange for their votes for Biden. Nevada has a Native population of 60,000 and the margin by which Biden leads in Arizona is less than approximately 33,000.

At the same time, attorney Sydney Powell will be filing a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems, which was in charge of counting the ballots, for changing millions of votes from President Trump to Biden.

Given the number of legal challenges that the president and his team have filed, in addition to individual complaints, the U.S. presidential election does not yet have an official winner.


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