President Donald Trump did not hold back in his Tuesday, Dec. 17,  letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—blasting the speaker for violating her oath of office for her own “partisan gain” as he panned the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against him as an “open war on American Democracy.”

“Everyone, you included, knows what is really happening,” President Trump wrote on Tuesday, one day prior to when House Democrats were expected to vote to remove him from office.

“Your chosen candidate lost the election in 2016, in an Electoral College landslide (306-227), and you and your party have never recovered from this defeat,” President Trump pointed out. “So you have spent three straight years attempting to overturn the will of the American people and nullify their votes. You view democracy as your enemy!”

“You are the ones interfering in America’s elections. You are the ones subverting America’s Democracy. You are the ones Obstructing Justice. You are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our Republic for your own selfish personal, political, and partisan gain.”

The president argued that the impeachment stunt is simply to mislead Americans while distracting them with Pelosi’s “false display of solemnity” from the strong economy and all-time low unemployment figures, noting that Democrats have been working to remove him from office the moment he was elected.

President Trump in a powerful verbal uppercut slammed Pelosi for having the audacity “to invoke the Founding Fathers in pursuit of this election-nullification scheme” and “even worse,” for “offending Americans of faith by continually saying ‘I pray for the President,’ when you know this statement is not true, unless it is meant in a negative sense.”

“It is a terrible thing you are doing,” the president added, “but you will have to live with it, not I!”

The Democrat-led inquiry that persistently accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia to impact the 2016 presidential election has, in the end, “dissolved into dust,” but only after Americans had to forbear years of “turmoil and torment,” President Trump wrote.

Although Democrats have repeatedly accused President Trump of wrongdoing, they have failed to produce substantive evidence against him.

Fox News on Dec. 17 reported that the House expects to begin debating on impeachment rules at around 9:05 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning, and move to a vote to adopt the rules on approximately 10:20 a.m. ET, where “a little more than” four hours will be spent on debating the articles themselves on the House floor, set to begin 11:15 a.m. ET. The debate is likely to wrap up at 5 p.m. ET by earliest, and the final vote will follow.

President Trump has scheduled a sizable rally at the Kellogg Arena in downtown Battle Creek in Michigan on Wednesday night—on the same day the House is expected to vote for removing him from office, Fox reports.