Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) harshly described the second attempt by Democrats to impeach President Trump as an act of political revenge that has no legal basis.

“The Senate’s attempt to disqualify a president from future office who is no longer in office, would be an unconstitutional act of political vengeance, not a righteous constitutional act to protect the nation by removal of an incumbent president,” Graham wrote. “Such a gratuitous, meaningless effort by the Senate of the United States is neither worthy of our great institution, nor a service to the nation and the American people. It will incite further division.”

Graham sent a letter asking Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to dismiss the impeachment of Trump that was passed on Jan. 13 by the House.

Democrats are once again attempting to impeach President Trump based on the incidents on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, when Congress held a joint session of both chambers to certify the Electoral College votes that certified Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

According to the Democrats, the president incited people to violently enter the congressional chamber. Others said that President Trump did not condemn the violence strongly enough and that he was slow to do so. But the evidence contradicts the arguments of the impeachment.

President Trump called on his supporters to demonstrate peacefully that day and gave a speech in front of thousands of people who gathered in the vicinity of the Congress.

During his speech, President Trump reiterated that the elections were manipulated and that his legal team exhausted all legal avenues to reverse the corrupt results, but in no instance did he get the evidence presented reviewed, and even the Supreme Court decided to simply dismiss the case. No calls for violence or otherwise were made by the president at any given time of his speech.

President Trump said on Jan. 12 about the words spoken on the day of the incidents, “So if you read my speech, many people have done it, and I have seen it both in the papers, in the media, on television, and it’s been analyzed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate.”

According to an earlier report by TheBL, the rioters, many of whom are now known to be members of antifa and Black Lives Matters, two Marxist organizations whose aim was precisely to create chaos, broke into the Capitol while President Trump was still speaking, indicating that there was premeditated intent.

Moreover, the time it takes to get from the speech site to the White House is what the president took to announce the message asking his followers to go home in peace.

Similarly, numerous videos recorded that day show the suspicious attitude of police who not only opened the way for the demonstrators but also guided them inside the Congress to reach the main hall.

In his letter, Graham cited that the Constitution includes two remedies for impeachment: impeachment and disqualification. He stated that the framework of the legislation is not intended to prevent an ex-president from standing for election again by impeachment.

The impeachment in the House took place extremely quickly, there was no debate and no evidence was presented, which according to a report by The Hill violated the procedure on several points. Ten Republicans joined the Democrats and voted in favor.

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